Discover The Magic Of An Iconic Lego Ford Mustang 10265 Set

Featuring the authentic detailing of the original car with rear ducktail and front chin spoilers, supercharger, chunky exhaust pipes and nitrous oxide tank, the Lego Creator Expert Ford Mustang 10265 set consists of more than 1400 Lego pieces. Briksmax has it covered with the high-quality and handmade LED light kit that even a layman in electrics can install.

Light Kit For Ford Mustang 10265

The Ford Mustang was one of the most iconic muscle cars from America in the 1960s and the Lego Creator Expert series creates a perfect replica with optional add-ons and various customizable features. Comprising 1471 Lego pieces, the Ford Mustang 10265 set is suitable for 16+ enthusiasts and was created in association with Ford to include the aggressive air scoop, raising rear axle and high-grip tires with rims made of five spokes. The dark blue color scheme contrasted by the white racing stripes makes this structure realistic, especially when you add the printed badges of Mustang Grille and two GT emblems. Complete building the car model and lighten it up for glowing in dark with the Briksmax light kit even though you have minimal electrical knowledge.  

What Makes Ford Mustang 10265 Set Special

Light Kit For Ford Mustang 10265

Just like Lego Technic light  kit, the Creator expert kit excludes batteries and you should arrange them in advance. The light kit box has a sturdy buildup and there are bubble-wrapped plastic packets inside it containing accessories and LEDs separately to avoid any damage.

Standing over three inches high, five inches wide and thirteen inches long, the structure comes with a few elements that were added in March 2019 namely 5-spoke rims, 1x3 logo tile of Mustang, 2x4 bow with emblem and 2x8 brick with a bow.

The Lego lights  will highlight the bonnet scoop, an array of license plate selections and the detailed interior with sleek seats, mid-console gearshift, functional steering and radio that are visible once you open doors or remove roof panel.

The truck can be opened to reveal the intricate V8 engine of the Ford Mustang, air filter, hoses and battery or you can store assorted elements there.  

Highlight Ford Mustang 10265 With Lighting Kit

Light Kit For Ford Mustang 10265

Each LED for Ford Mustang 10265  should be properly tested and the accessories checked for proper functionality. The kit is age-appropriate for any 6+ years old with an after-sales card offering a 2-year warranty.

You get to customize the car with the 1x6 Lego plate and seven 1x1 round Trans Clear Lego plates. For highlighting the interior and exterior to the car, you can use the warm white strip light, one 15cm and one 30cm warm white dot lights, nine 15cm red,  two 15cm and four 30cm white LEDs.

Light Kit For Ford Mustang 10265

The connecting cables should be kept hidden for the outer look and brick separator can be used to pass two 15cm wires between Lego stubs easily without damage.

If you are wondering how to light up Lego Mustang 10265¸ check out each illustration and installation step written in the universal language from the manual. Follow the user guide for future installations.

The light kit is also equipped with two 12-port expansion boards, one Adhesive Square, one 30cm USB power cable to connect with the hub and the AA battery box where three AA batteries should be inserted.

The main voltage should always be below 5V so that no electrical hazard takes place. Although unlikely, in case of any defect noticed on opening the kit within one week, there is an easy return-and-replacement policy.  

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