An Epic Adventure With Iron Bull Tank 80007 Set

The Kid-friendly Lego Iron Bull Tank 80007 set with 400+ Lego pieces will help you create various scenes from Monkie Kid while combining digital and physical play simultaneously. 15 high-quality LED lights and handmade light accessories provided by Lightailing and Briksmax will never let your Lego model be overshadowed.

Enriched with the mythological stories speaking about determination and valor the Monkie Kid is an upcoming television show inspired by Chinese folklore. The Lego Monkie Kid series not only lets you create scenes according to your choice but also upholds the epic novel named Journey to the West. With only 430 Lego pieces to combine, the Iron Bull Tank 80007 set is a beginner level model and therefore, suitable for kids aged above seven years. While assembling the set, let your imagination flow, and your inventive mind imagines various storylines so that role-playing as favorite characters becomes enjoyable like completing thrilling missions. It does not matter whether you know about electrics or not, the premium LED light kit of Briksmax and Lightailing will keep the structure bright both during day and night.

What Are The Specialties Of Iron Bull Tank 80007 Set

The Lego LED lights  and accessories are packed separately in plastic packets and the packets are further wrapped with bubble films so that no harm gets in the way inside the box. As no battery is included in the light kit, you have to purchase three AA batteries separately.

This toy vehicle has a height of six inches, a length of seven inches and a width of five inches. The mobile app Lego Life comes with the Instructions Plus i.e. digital interface so that you can zoom in and out, rotate or visualize the model through mobile screen simultaneously while Lego building.

The Lego Technic lights  will highlight the armored tank that comes with the rotating turret, the 6-stud rapid-firing shooter, and the Minifigure cockpit, which you can lift to launch the oil barrels.

With respective weapons to fight against the antagonizing Bull Clones, there are three Minifigures of the Monkie Kid, Roar, and Grunt along with the Sandy figure that has weapons. To plow through various obstacles, there is a cattle guard.

Highlighting Iron Bull Tank 80007 With Light Kit

The lights for Lego Iron Bull Tank 80007 set  are age-appropriate for any enthusiast above six years old. You have to test each accessory to make sure they are not broken and functioning properly.

The universal instruction manual with illustrations will make light installation easy and in further steps, you can utilize the user guide book. The eight random colored Lego pieces can be used for customization.

Brick separators should be set up beforehand so that you can pass one 5cm, one 15cm, and one 30cm connecting cables smoothly between the stubs in a way that they remain hidden.

Light up Lego  with one white and one small warm white strip lights along with four 30cm white, two small 30cm warm white, two 15cm red, two 30cm yellow, and three 15cm yellow LEDs.

Connect the 30cm USB cable with the hub and set up the battery pack, Adhesive Square, one 8-port, and one 12-port expansion boards.

The after-sales card bears a 2-year manufacturer warranty. On testing, if you find any defect or missing items, the return and replacement policy will be valid for seven days.

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