Thrilling Lego Creator Fairground Collection Haunted House 10273

The Lego Creator Expert Haunted House 10273 set with over 3000 Lego pieces makes way for a spooky experience with various effects on dismantling the model. Briksmax and Lightailing come with a handmade light kit consisting of 31 premium LEDs and accessories to keep the structure highlighted throughout day and night.

If you love haunted movies, shows, and spooky experiences at haunted manors, the Lego Haunted House 10273 set can be a perfect option to mingle Lego building experience with haunting effects. With 3231 Lego pieces, this is an expert level model from the Lego Creator series and therefore, it is designed as age-appropriate for any enthusiast aged above eighteen. The advanced build-up and additional elements to enhance the experience make way for hours of Lego assembling and anyone with or without any electrical knowledge can add high-quality LED lights to make the model look creepier than before, especially at night or in darkness.     

Trivia Of Haunted House 10273 Set

The Lego Creator set light kit comes in a sturdy box and each accessory is kept in separate plastic packets wrapped with bubble sheets to avoid damage. The Light accessories are delicate and small just like the Lego pieces; therefore, there are risks of choking hazard, damage, and mix up. It is better to finish Lego building first and get the required batteries for the light kit.

The enormous haunted manor stands 26.5 inches in height, nine inches in depth, and nine inches in width –a challenging and rewarding experience at the same time. The coffee-table instruction book will help in assembling the model.

For motorizing the model, you will have to purchase the Powered Up Components namely 2x88008 and 1x88009 that upgrade the haunted house by controlling the elevator through the mobile app.

In addition to the Lego light kits, you will get the light brick with a battery so that you can illuminate it right away after assembling is done.

Lots of scary elements are included such as the free-fall ride, the cursed painting, and the haunted doors at the front. You can open up the manor to explore the interior elements like the automatic doors located at the top of its tower.

Highlighting Haunted House 10273 With Light Kit

The Lego LED lights  are suitable for any user above six years old. To avoid any complications like broken, missing, or malfunctioning parts, you need to test each accessory properly on unboxing.

Random colored seven Lego pieces are included in the light kit for customization with the Lego model. Refer to the two illustrated instruction manuals for step-by-step installation guide in the universal language. The user guide will be useful in the future installation steps.

Make sure the brick separators keep the connecting wires hidden and safe from damage due to forcible entry. Pass three 5cm, six 15cm, and seven 30cm cables smoothly between the stubs.

The light kit for Haunted House 10273  contains two 30cm and three 15cm red LEDs, two 15cm green LEDs, two standard and one small red light strips, three standard and one small blue light strips, two green strips, ten small 30cm warm white LEDs, two 10cm and two 15cm yellow LEDs and one solid color projection lamp.

One 12-port, one 8-port, and three 6-port expansion boards are to be set up along with two Adhesive Squares, a remote control, a receiver board, and two flashing module boards. Connect the 30cm USB cable and prepare the AA battery holder.

You have a 7-days window to return any light kit with manufacturing fault and get a replacement. The after-sale card offers a guarantee of 2 years.

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