A Stunning Empire Temple Of Madness 71712 Set

With more than 800 Lego pieces, the Lego Ninjago Empire Temple Of Madness 71712 set is a kid-friendly model with six Minifigures from the popular TV show. Briksmax makes the Lego building experience more entertaining with 26 high-quality LEDs and handmade lighting kit that can be installed by layman and expert alike.

Those who used to follow the television series of Ninjago and dreamt about role-playing as the characters, the Empire Temple Of Madness 71712 set is a perfect option for them. With 810 pieces, this beginner-level set is suitable for 9+ years old enthusiasts and the Lego building nostalgia will take you back to 2011 from when the series continued for ten seasons. The quest for 4 weapons of the Spinjitzu, Kai –the young and dynamic sword maker’s quest for his sister, Kai’s recruitment among the four Ninjas and their training under Sensei Wu’s strict guidance make way for various role-playing scopes with this Lego model. When it is dark, the set will never be overshadowed but highlighted by the premium light kit from Briksmax.       

Specialties Of Empire Temple Of Madness 71712 Set

The Lego lights and accessories are highly likely to get mingled up with Lego pieces and there will be more complications if little kids put them in the mouth or the delicate parts get broken and lost. To avoid such episodes, make sure you finish assembling the model first.

Endless endgame battle sequence can be recreated from the TV show with the six Minifigures namely Ninjago Digi Cole, Digi Jay and Lloyd along with the antagonist's Sushimi, Red Visor and Unagami –the tyrant ruler from the Prime Empire.

With Lego LED light  you can brighten up the temple toy that was released in January this year with a height of fifteen inches, a width of eleven inches, and a length of eight inches.

Various imaginative and show-inspired activities of Ninja heroes against the evil forces await with the model where you have to avoid the traps and utilize the three Key-Tanas for dodging the terrifying Sushimi and open the gate at the top for revealing Unagami’s throne.

Highlighting Empire Temple Of Madness 71712 With Light Kit

The lights for Lego Empire Temple Of Madness 71712 set  are suitable for anyone above six years old and come with a manufacturer warranty of 2 years with the after-sale card. You should make sure all the light accessories are included on unboxing and then test each accessory to check whether there is any broken or malfunctioning item.

The 3 random colored Lego pieces come handy in customization with the model. The user guide is helpful in the future installation while the illustrated universal instruction book helps in step-by-step setup.

Light up Lego set with one strip light and two 30cm blue LEDs, five 30cm and five 15cm yellow LEDs, two small 30cm and one 30cm warm white LEDs, two 15cm and eight 30cm white LEDs. 

Brick separators should be set up to conceal the cables easily –one 30cm and three 5cm connecting wires need to be passed between the stubs. The flashing module board helps in adjusting the glow.

Get batteries for the AA battery pack in advance and place the two Adhesive Squares. Set up the USB hub with 30cm power cable and prepare one 8-port and two 12-port expansion boards.

To avoid damage, the light accessories are packed separately in plastic packets wrapped with aid-bubble films. If you find any manufacturing fault on opening the box, return the package in a week to get a replacement.

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