Detail Space Shuttle Toy: Lego City Mars Research Shuttle 60226

Inspire your kids to learn about astronomy with the Lego City Mars Research Shuttle 60226 set made up of over 250 Lego pieces. To make the Lego building experience more enjoyable, both Briksmax and Lightailing brings the high-quality lighting kit comprising of seven premium LED lights.

If your little ones have an interest in astronautics, the foundation has to be laid right from their childhood, and what can be more creative and educational at the same time than the Mars Research Shuttle 60226? With only 273 Lego pieces, this kid-friendly beginner model from the Lego City series is suitable for anyone above five years old and that does not mean adults cannot enjoy a leisurely Lego building activity while assembling the set. The rover and shuttle set inspired by NASA motivates the kids to explore more into the universe and learn about space shuttles, rockets, and more. When it is dark outside or the room lights are switched off, the Lego set will not be out of focus, thanks to the handmade lighting kit from Lightailing and Briksmax.

Specialties Of Mars Research Shuttle 60226 Set

The LED light kit can be installed easily even if you do not have prior electrical knowledge, but first, you need to finish assembling the set so that you do not end up losing or breaking any delicate part. Arrange the batteries for the battery pack and keep the brick separators in place.

The set includes two astronaut Minifigures with accessories like helmet having blue visor, scanner, two geodes having blue crystals from June 2019, and the extravehicular activity suit having golden visor.

The Instructions Plus helps kids assemble the model with digital interference on tablets and mobiles while the user-friendly Lego Life app for Android and iOS has an intuitive interface to zoom in and out, visualize with ghost mode, and rotate.

The lights for Lego City  will highlight the space research shuttle that has 8” width, 3” height and 9” length –it has an opening cockpit, two opening large cargo doors and space to the interior for the storage drone with opening compartment having 1” height and length respectively.

The 1” high, 2” long and 2” wide Mars Rover has articulated gripping arms introduced in June 2019 and tilting and laser solar panels. The 1” wide and 1” long Helidrone has spinning rotor blades and the scanner for reading secret symbol on 1” wide Mars scenery.   

Highlighting Mars Research Shuttle 60226 With Light Kit

The light kit for Mars Research Shuttle 60226  is suitable for 6+ years old enthusiasts and comes packed in the hardcover box with air-bubble strips around each plastic packets containing the accessories. The manufacturer guarantee is valid for two years with the after-sales card.

The user guide will help in further installations while the universal illustrated instruction manual gives step-by-step guidance. One random colored Lego piece is given for customization.

Light up Lego sets with one 15cm and two 30cm red LEDs, one slow flashing 15cm and one slow flashing 30cm yellow LEDs and two warm white 30cm LEDs. Pass the cables between the stubs smoothly.

Set up the 8-port expansion board, CR2032 Oval battery pack, Adhesive Square, and the USB hub with 30cm USB cable.

Test each light kit after opening the box and make sure that all items are present. If anything is missing or broken or malfunctioning, exchange it within seven days of delivery.    

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