An Eye-Catching Brick-Built Minions And Their Lair 75551

Every Minions lover will find the Brick-built Minions And Their Lair 75551 set made up of over 800 pieces equally adorable as those seen in the movies. Briksmax has you covered with the handmade high-quality lighting kit with 15 premium LEDs that will never let your Minions be overshadowed.   

Illumination Entertainment’s Despicable Me franchise is one of the most popular animated movie series and their spin-off movie Minions as a prequel in 2015 deals with Minions’ journey. The three adorably mischievous yellow creatures namely Stuart, Bob, and Kevin set out to find their perfect master aka the most despicable villain, and the movie ends with the rise of Gru that gives the audience an idea of how the Minions started to work with Gru in various shenanigans. The Lego Minions series brings you the Brick-built Minions And Their Lair 75551 set that consists of 876 Lego pieces and is suitable for anyone above eight years old. Endless role-playing with creative fun is assured and to add some spark, there is the Briksmax light kit.   

Trivia Of The Brick-built Minions And Their Lair 75551 Set

From Bob practicing Kung Fu to Kevin coming up with new inventions and Stuart enjoying a siesta in the bedroom –the set has lots to offer. Make sure you are done with assembling the set before unboxing the Lego lights  and purchase the batteries.

There are two Minifigures of Stuart and Kevin where Kevin can be reassembled into Bob. Kevin and Stuart have a length of five inches each while Bob is four inches tall; their width and length respectively are similar –four inches and three inches. All the Minions have turning eye feature. 

Instruction Plus in the free-of-cost Lego Life mobile app installed on your Smartphone or tablet will help in easy assembling with an intuitive guide.

The Minifigures can be turned around to show the detailed rooms with various accessories like tools, weapons, and hats to reveal the innate personality of each Minion.   

Highlighting Brick-built Minions And Their Lair 75551 With Light Kit

The lights for Lego Minions  are packed separately along with the accessories in separate plastic packets wrapped with air-bubble sheets to avoid damage. Any enthusiast above six years old can install the lights even without any electrical knowledge.

To get an idea of the step-by-step installation with illustrations, you can refer to the universal instruction manual while for further installation, the user guide can help you. The after-sales card comes with a warranty of two years.

Insert the batteries in the AA battery box and set up the brick separators to pass one 5cm and four 15cm connecting cables smoothly between the stubs so that they remain concealed from the exterior.

Light up Lego 75551  with one white and one small warm white light strips, three large 15cm and two large 30cm warm white LEDs, and eight 10cm green LEDs.

Set up one 8-port and three 6-port expansion boards, prepare the two Adhesive Squares, and connect the USB hub with the 30cm power cable with the main power that should be below 5V to prevent electrical burns.

It is recommended to test each accessory before the final light kit installation and also check whether all the items are given. If you find any discrepancy, there is a week’s time for return and replacement.

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