An Amazing Augmented Reality experience With Lego Newbury Abandoned Prison 70435

The Lego Hidden Side Newbury Abandoned Prison 70435 set with only four hundred Lego pieces is a beginner level model offering augmented reality experience. At night, the enjoyment is doubled with the Lightailing lighting kit that is easy to install without even any electrical knowledge.

Lights for Lego Newbury Abandoned Prison 70435

From solving mysteries to capturing ghosts, there are several thrilling elements that the Lego Hidden Side comes with. With 400 Lego pieces, the Newbury Abandoned Prison 70435 set is a kid-friendly model that is suitable for anyone above seven years old. While kids can enjoy assembling the model, any adult can also enjoy a leisurely Lego building experience combined with the mobile-friendly AR app of Hidden Side. The set is based on the fictional town named Newbury that is haunted by ghosts in different derelict buildings. As the ghosts haunt the people of Newbury, the hero Spencer comes as the savior with his dog. After creating different spooky scenarios and role-playing, you can check out the LED light kit from Lightailing.

Highlighting Newbury Abandoned Prison 70435 With Light Kit

Only after finishing the Lego structure, you should unbox the Lego set light kit because the delicate and small Lego parts and light accessories might get mixed up, lost or damaged. You will get brick separators in the Lego set that will help in the smooth insertion of the connecting cables without any damage.

Both the Lego box and its online platform offer user-friendly building instructions to liven up the augmented reality. The AR app of the Hidden Side can be installed on any compatible Android and iOS device.   

Lego 70435 set light kit

The lights for Lego 70435  will highlight the prison that stands seven inches in height with a width of eleven inches and a depth of five inches. Enjoy virtual reality while watching the set through the AP app and explore the digital side of the Lego world.

The digital side features the battle boss ghost named Bart Chaney in the digitally interactive prison with the spooky “possessed mode” feature. The physical structure features Minifigures of Spencer, El Fuego, Rami, Jack and Nate Lockem along with Spencer’s dog Maximus.

light up lego Newbury Abandoned Prison 70435

The light kit for Lego Newbury Abandoned Prison 70435  is suitable for any enthusiast above six years old and can be set up by laymen and experts alike. To assist you throughout the installation, there is the universal instruction manual with illustrations.

There is a user guide for further installation and the after-sale card offers a guarantee of 2-years. There is no battery in the light kit –get the AA batteries in advance for the battery pack.

 Newbury Abandoned Prison lights

The light for Lego set includes white LEDs for the tower interiors, yellow LEDs for the two prison levels and the top lights. The façade has blue and warm white LEDs. Pass the wires between the stubs to conceal them from the outer look.

Set up the expansion boards, USB hub with the power cord and the Adhesive Squares. Test each accessory before installation and if there is any issue, get it replaced within a week.

The light kit box contains each accessory packed separately in plastic packets that are secured by air-bubble sheets. Kids should have parental permission before using the app and you should check whether the app is compatible with your mobile device, otherwise, it will not work properly.

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