The Supercool Lego Ice-Cream Truck 60253

The Lego City Ice-Cream Truck 60253 set with only two hundred pieces is a kid-friendly set offering an endless independent role-playing experience. When it is night or the room gets dark, the handmade premium light kit of Lightailing will make sure the structure is never overshadowed or out of focus.

Light Kit For Ice-Cream Truck 60253

Now you can let your kids aged above five years experience the daily life of an ice-cream seller through the creativity of Lego building. With only 200 Lego pieces, the Ice-Cream Truck 60253 set from the Lego City series creates a Popsicle and ice-cream cone serving scenario in the sweltering heat with various role-playing opportunities. This beginner-level set stands four inches in height with a length of five inches and a width of two inches so that the ice-cream lady is able to drive her truck comfortably, as well as, serve the customers. Adults can add this structure to their Lego City collection, while kids can assemble the model with the help of the mobile app. The high-quality lighting kit from Lightailing will brighten up the structure for a glorious night look.

Highlighting Ice-Cream Truck 60253 With Light Kit


The Lego City set lights  and accessories are packed separately in respective plastic packets, which are further safeguarded from handling damage with air-bubble wrapping. You should finish assembling the model before opening the box to prevent accidental choking hazards, damage, and mix-up.

Apart from the printed assembling guide, the kids will get interactive digital support through the Instructions Plus that comes at free of cost with the Lego Life mobile app. It has to rotate and zooming features for better visual and understanding.

Lights for Ice-Cream Truck 60253

The lights for Lego  truck include white and yellow LEDs for headlights, red and yellow LEDs for taillights, and warm white LEDs for the detailed interior. The interior showcases a cozy room for the lady Minifigure. The skateboarding customer Minifigure with his dog can get ice creams from the serving hatch of the truck and show some cool tricks on the skateboard.

ce-Cream Truck 60253

If you want to know how to light up Lego  truck, check out the illustrated instruction manual written in the universal language. For further installation assistance, you can take help from the user guidebook. The after-sale warranty card comes with a guarantee of two years from the manufacturer.

 Ice-Cream Truck 60253

No matter whether you have any prior knowledge in electrics or not, the light kit can be easily set up as the light kit for Lego Ice-Cream Truck 60253 is designed for any 6+ years old Lego builder. You need to set up the brick separator as it prevents the connecting wires from getting damaged due to forceful entry.

There is no battery included in the light kit –you have to get three AA batteries for the battery box. Pass the cables smoothly between the stubs to keep them hidden and set up the expansion boards, Adhesive Squares and the USB hub with the 30cm cable.  Make sure that the main power is below 5V to avoid any electrical burn.

The accessories are to be tested properly after you unbox and make sure that all the accessories are included in the kit. If there is any missing and malfunctioning accessory, you can return it within a week to get the replacement.

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