Don't Missout The Hours Of Fun With Monkie Kid’s Team Secret HQ 80013

With nearly two thousand Lego pieces, the Monkie Kid’s Team Secret HQ 80013 set garners resilience and courage in the kids as depicted in the ancient mythical tales of China. Lightailing introduces the handmade premium quality lighting kit that brightens up the model no matter it is day or night.

Light Kit For Monkie Kid’s Team Secret HQ 80013

The legend of Monkey King in Chinese mythology speaks about bravery and perseverance, as mentioned in the classic novel Journey to the West. The Lego Monkie King series strives to keep the legend alive through the kid-friendly models like Monkie Kid’s Team Secret HQ 80013. With 1959 Lego pieces, this challenging expert level structure is suitable for any enthusiast age above ten years and can be easily combined with other Monkie King models for an extensive look. This HQ model created for the enthralling battle between the evil Bull Clones and Monkie King can easily be brightened up with the high-quality lighting kit from Lightailing. Anyone with or without electrical skills can set up the lights to keep the structure highlighted instead of overshadowed when the surroundings get dark.

Highlighting Monkie Kid’s Team Secret HQ 80013 With Light Kit

Before lighting Legos  you should have the entire structure assembled otherwise the delicate parts might get damaged, the small ones lost or mixed up and even cause choking hazards. Also, arrange the brick separators for easy insertion of the cables without any tampering.

The set comes with seven Minifigures namely the Monkie Kid, Mei, Pigsy, Snort, General Ironclad, Roar and Grunt with various weapons such as The Golden Staff. There is also the cat figure of Mo and Sandy Minifigure.

Lights Monkie Kid’s Team Secret HQ 80013

The LED for Lego  will highlight the HQ model that stands fifteen inches high and nine inches wide in the boat mode with the length of sixteen inches that can be extended up to thirty-five inches.

The free mobile app of Lego Life will let the kids enjoy a digital interface of the structure with easy zooming, rotating, and visualizing. The Instructions Plus feature will be helpful in guiding through the assembling process.

With the Lego lights, you can highlight the features like stud-shooting cool water jets of Mei and Pigsy. The crane hook of the ship can capture the stud-firing assault boat of the Bull Clones.

The HQ set can be opened up and divided into 3 sections to give access to the living area, workshop, and the posable mech.

 Monkie Kid’s Team Secret HQ 80013 Led light

You should get three AA batteries for the battery pack of the light kit as the kit does not include batteries. The light kit for Lego Monkie Kid’s Team Secret HQ 80013 is suitable for any 6+ years old Lego builder, regardless of electrical knowledge.

The universal illustrated instruction manual gives you a step-by-step guide on installation while for further assistance you can make use of the user guide.

There are expansion boards, Adhesive Squares, and the USB hub that are to be set up properly. The connecting wires should be hidden from the outer look and passed smoothly between the stubs.

You will get a 2-year warranty on the lighting accessories with the after-sale card included in the light kit. It is recommended to test each accessory before installation and for any issue, you can get a replacement by returning within a week.

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