An Extraordinary lighting set: Trafalgar Square 21045

The city of London has always been the source of inspiration to the LEGO Company for releasing new Lego sets. In its latest addition to the architecture series, the company released the miniature model of the famous Trafalgar Square. This miniature Lego model of the square features several finer details such as statues, fountains, and Double Decker buses.

Trafalgar Square 21045

This Lego model was released aiming at the adult Lego fan and enthusiasts who would like to build complicated building structures. Many of the Lego lovers would also add a light kit for bringing out its realistic features. These lights would allow the user to enjoy the lively night view of Trafalgar Square.

The core concept of the LEGO® set

LEGO® Trafalgar Square set is one of the largest Lego among then Architecture series. The whole set includes 1,197 pieces of functional Lego bricks. The Lego miniature model would primarily feature white color structures with other details. In this model, LEGO® has focused upon the surrounding environment of the structure.

This lego set would also feature Nelson’s column, London’s National Gallery, miniature lion states, green trees, and some red color double-decker buses.  To make the whole scenario realistic, Lego lovers would add lights for Lighting Lego set. Their addition would blow life into the lifeless plastic Lego model.

Outstanding features of this lighting kit

Trafalgar Square 21045 light kit

Darting the night time this huge set would appear like a lifeless and boring plastic model. To make this miniature model appear interesting and beautiful, Lego enthusiast would install powerful lighting kits. Its addition would bring the magical shine on the set that would bring out the architectural glory of the Trafalgar Square. Here are some outstanding features of light kit Trafalgar Square Lego set.

This lighting kit has eighteen colors of LED lights to illuminate the whole Lego set. It uses white light to decorate its fountains, black cabs, and London buses. These LED lights are powerful enough to light up ever Lego brick of the set.

All LED lights are small enough to be placed underneath the Lego bricks and wires are thin enough to be placed between the Lego bricks. The lightning kit would never affect the outer look of the Lego set.

Trafalgar Square 21045 light kit

The unique design of the light kit would allow the user to jack up several brands of lighting kits with it. These kits would be useful for those people who want to several Lego sets at the same time.  The user would need only one power source to activate the whole set up.

The user would just have to follow the provided instruction manual for installing the lighting kit. The process for the installation of the lighting kit is very easy and user-friendly.

The lighting kit would include Adhesives squares, USB power cables, connecting Cables, twelve-port and eight-port expansion board, white and color light strips. The kit would also include an AA Battery Pack.

Therefore, we can say that without the addition of lights, your model would appear boring and dull. Thus, if you want to enjoy of night view of Trafalgar Square, be sure implement Lighting kit for the lego set.    

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