A Magnetized lighting Compound Battle 76131 set

Avengers Endgame has been one of the most popular superhero movies, which is popular among both adults and children. Following the popular trends, LEGO Company released its latest addition LEGO Compound Battle Set of the LEGO Marvel Series. This LEGO set was released mainly aimed at young kids and LEGO enthusiasts.

Compound Battle 76131

The user could buy the model for keeping the completed set for displaying purposes or you could allow your kids to become the part of the movie. Many LEGO lovers would also add lighting strips to light up a LEGO set. This would make the whole ground appear more active and real. The lighting kit would bring the magical shine to the LEGO set avenger battleground.

Features of the LEGO set

 The central theme of this LEGO set would be the final fight between the evil Thanos and the team of Avengers. The whole set would need about 700 LEGO bricks to complete. The set features the iconic Avenger’s compound with its two-story building, garage, a helipad with a helicopter, and an off-roader. To make the set more realistic, LEGO lover would install a light kit for Lighting Compound Battle set.

The set also includes seven mini-figures that belong to the Marvel universe. The mini figures that are included in the set are Captain Marvel, Iron Man, a four-armed Outrider, Nebula, and Ant-Man. Two big figures representing hulk and Thanos are part of collection Marvel mini-figures. These mini-figures would help you or kid to complete the whole scenario of Avenger Battle-ground.

Silent feature of the lightning kit

Compound Battle 76131

Though the Compound Battle set would look beautiful under the day-light, it would appear extremely dull and boring during the night time. For making it more enjoyable, LEGO lovers could install a light kit for Lighting Compound Battle set. These lighting kits are powerful enough to illuminate the LEGO set. Given below are some of the silent features of the lightning kit for this LEGO set.

The lightning kit includes warm LED lights for lighting up the Avengers office. It also includes red lights for enhancing realistic features of the Ant-Man mini-figures.

The installation procedures for these lightning kits are generally user-friendly. You would just have to follow the given instruction manual either for customization or setting the lighting kit on the model. 

Compound Battle 76131

LED lights of these lightning kits are small in size but powerful enough to light up every brick of the set. The use would be able to place lighting strips and its wires underneath the LEGO bricks. The lighting kit would not affect the outer look of the LEGO set. 

The unique design of the light kit for the lego set  would enable the user to chain up several types of lighting kit. The user could activate the whole set up from the single power source.

These lightning kits would include an AA battery pack, USB power cables, connecting power cables, and an expansion board.

All in all, we could conclude that the addition of a lighting kit would transform this plastic model into a real battle-ground. Therefore, while buying this LEGO model, don’t forget to buy its lightning kit.




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