Transform your Lego Y-Wing Starfighter 75181 set into a shiny look

The world of stars war has always attracted both adults and children. Therefore LEGO has released several iconic models that belong to the universe of Star Wars. LEGO set of Y-Wing Starfighter is one such famous model released by the company.

Y-Wing Starfighter 75181

The LEGO Company has previously released a LEGO model for this Starfighter. But the company decided to redesign the whole set and released it with the addition of finer details. LEGO enthusiast would also install LEGO set light  to bring it to life. The addition of the LEGO lights would bring out its finer details into the clear display.

The core concept of the LEGO set

The LEGO set for this iconic fighter craft comes under the Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series. The redesigned LEGO model includes finer details such as wheel activated cannons, retractable landing gears, and many other fine features. This model was released aiming at attracting those Star Wars fans, who like to collect and display Star War collectibles.

This model has a total of 1,966 LEGO Bricks. For bringing out its realistic features, LEGO lover would also install LEGO Starwars set light kit. The set would also include the mini figure of Gold Leader and astromech R2-BHD droid.

Effect of lighting kit on the LEGO set

Y-Wing Starfighter 75181

Even though the model would look fabulous under the sunlight, it would become dull and boring during the night time. For this problem, LEGO enthusiast would install a light kit for Y-Wing Starfighter 75181 that could make look more realistic during night time. After the installation of the lighting kit in the set, it would be able to illuminate every brick of the set. Here are some of the silent features of the lighting kit for the Y-Wing Starfighter. 

Lightning set for this iconic rebel fighter would include eight color lights. Two of the lights are connected with the flickering effect board, which provides realistic effects to the rear engine and front cannons.

These lightning kits would have high-quality lights that are powerful enough to illuminate the whole LEGO kit. Both LED lights and its wires are small enough to hide between the gaps or underneath the LEGO bricks of the set.

Y-Wing Starfighter 75181

The unique design of the light kit for Y-Wing Starfighter 75181  would enable the user to link up several lighting kits of different brands. The user would then be able to the light up the whole set from the single power source.

The installation process of the lighting kit is also user-friendly. Users would just have to follow the instruction guide book either for installing or for customizing the lighting kit.

For lighting up the whole set, the user would just have to plug into the power source. The user would not need any additional knowledge or skills.

The lighting kit would include an AA battery pack, a six and eight-port expansion board, connecting cables, multifunction board, and USB power cables.

Thus, we could conclude that the addition of lightning kit would make this iconic Star War Fighter craft look amazing. So, if you want to enjoy the experience thrill of creating this fighter craft, be sure to purchase the light kit for this set.  

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