NINJAGO CITY: An adventurous life to visit

Lego enthusiasts would surely remember the Lego Ninjago Movie, the story of which revolves around the city of Ninjago where the residents despise Garmadon, the evil Lord’s son Lloyd. This 2017 movie earned great popularity among animated movie and Lego fans who cheered for Lloyd and his ninjas as they tried to overthrow Garmadon. The Lego Ninjago series has brought to you the extensive Ninjago City 70620 set equipped with 4867 pieces which are suitable for anyone above 16 years of age. However, this three-leveled model gets a whole new dimension with the LED Light kit that comes with 58 lights to make the structure stand out highlighted even when the room is dark.

Light Kit For Ninjago City 70620

What To Know About Ninjago City 70620 Set?

You can easily lift off any of the three levels for ease of assembly or different customization. Each level features different elements and all three are connected by sliding elevator while the traditionally designed fishing boat stands in front.

For level one, you will find a bridge over translucent blue and green stream, sewer outlet, elevator, mini-figure crab and fish in a rustic fish market, a house with bedroom and dining space, sliding doors, foldable solar panels, service station of maintenance robot with assorted tools, telephone and taxi stand.

Light Kit For Ninjago City 70620

In level 2, you will get fashion store featuring two mannequins, assorted NINJAGO elements, a comic bookshop with assorted collectibles like NINJAGO cards, bonsai tree in the construction site, cashier desk, crab restaurant featuring brick-built entrance and “crab-grilling” oven, etc. You can use a light kit for Lego set to highlight the ATM that dispenses fifteen note elements or change the four movie posters on display stand or even open crab oven with a dial to reveal cooked crab.

In Level 3, there is radio tower, sushi bar featuring brick-built food and conveyor belt, squid and puffer fish, the bathroom has a sliding door, Misako and Lloyd’s apartment with a bunk bed, opening window, attic, and kitchen.

Look out for Jay’s spiked chain, a fish flame of Shark Army Gunner and the 16 mini-figures of Jay, Lloyd, Kai, Misako, Sally, Tommy, Jamamakai villager, Ivy, Konrad, Walker, Mother Doomsday, Juno, Guy, Severin Black, Noonan, Shark Army Gunner and Sweep robot.

Features of Lighting Kit For Ninjago City

Light Kit For Ninjago City 70620

18 White (15cm each), 10 warm white (15cm each), one 30cm warm white, 4 pinks (15cm each) along with 4 coloreds slow flashing 15cm light, 8 colored slow flashing 30cm light and 13 strip lights of warm white tone are included in the light kit for NINJAGO City 70620.  While warm white lights are for hanging street posts, colorful slow flashing lights are for radio tower and building tower. White lights are for fashion store, bedroom, bathroom, and dining room while pink lights are for the cherry blossom.

There are eleven connecting cables each measuring 30cm, nine connecting cables each measuring 15cm and three connecting cables each measuring 5cm to pass through and below the Lego pieces comfortably.

Light Kit For Ninjago City 70620

You will get a USB cord of 30cm, a 12-port, and ten 6-port expansion boards; four Adhesive Squares and a battery pack although the AA batteries are not included.

21 random colored Lego pieces are there for additional customization of the structure.

After assembling the pieces, unpack all the light accessories and check whether they are in a proper state, keep the warranty card safely and refer to the user guide book and an instruction book to learn about installation of lights even if you have no prior knowledge.  

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