Things you don't know about lighting Lego Sanctum Sanctorum Showdown

Any true Marvel Avengers fan would be well acquainted with the superheroes namely Iron Man, Spiderman, Doctor Strange because he/she would never miss out any Avengers movie. Featured in MCU movies –Doctor Strange and Avengers Infinity War, the Sanctum Sanctorum of New York city has always been center of some of the nastiest battles. Hence Lego Marvel Super Heroes series has brought the Sanctum Sanctorum Showdown 76108 set for the Lego enthusiasts. Although designed for kids aged between 8 and 14 years old, any adult enthusiast can obviously try his/her skill of assembling 1004 Lego pieces. With the light kit for Lego set, you can make sure the three leveled structure gets sufficient highlight for every corner no matter how dark the room gets.

Sanctum Sanctorum Showdown 76108

What To Know About Lego Sanctum Sanctorum Set?

The customized high-quality LEDs and cables are small enough in size to make them pass through the Lego pieces in order to keep the exterior perfectly balanced and not getting tampered due to forced entry. Inside the sturdy box, these delicate accessories are kept in separate plastic packets wrapped with bubble film to avoid handling damage.

The main light kit accessories are the six strip lights with warm white tone and the warm white LED light with 15 cm length. The warm white LEDs keep the apartment of Peter Parker aka Spiderman, Doctor Strange’s room and the pizzeria perfectly lightened up.

The expansion board inside the light kit for Sanctum Sanctorum Showdown 76108 has 6 ports and it keeps the connecting cables attached to the lights. You will get five cables each with 15cm length and another cable with 5cm length.

Make sure you get the required and one or two spare AA batteries beforehand as the light kit does not come with any. You would, however, get the battery pack inside which you can insert the batteries to power up the lights.

Sanctum Sanctorum Showdown 76108

A USB hub is included in the package for which there is a 30cm power cord that connects the circuit to main power.

Even after assembling the whole structure, you will get endless customization facility, thanks to the six random color 1x6 Lego plates in the LED light kit. You will also get the after sales warranty card that is valid for a year and an Adhesive Square.

As not everyone has electrical knowledge, the lighting kit is designed for anyone with or without electrical knowledge. For easy installation, you can refer to detailed steps written in a universal language in the user guide and instruction manual.

Sanctum Sanctorum Showdown 76108

With four mini-figures of Iron Man, Spiderman, Doctor Strange along with the villainous Ebony Maw and Cull Obsidian, the Sanctum Sanctorum Showdown model can be folded inward or outward for various formations adjacent to a street corner. Apart from the Sanctum, there is Spiderman’s apartment, pizzeria, two fire escapes, detachable street side and water tower on the roof. Reveal Time Stone by exploding the library wall, find weapons from the entrance hall, open the chest to reveal daggers or create a battle scene from spider web –there are lots to do. When there are LED lights to highlight special features, recreate each scene from MCU according to your wish.       

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