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It was late 2010 when Disney brought out the visually stunning Tron: Legacy and the action-packed sci-fi storyline was nothing less than eye-candy to nerds. It had created quite the stir with the poignant father and son relationship between Kevin Flynn and Sam which perfectly complemented the course of their life and death virtual world journey infested with an evil force. So, when you get the chance to recreate that virtual world extravaganza with the small Lego pieces, there is no way you should miss the Lego Tron Legacy 21314 set  from the Lego Ideas series. Besides, just as you had marveled at the light play and VFX of the movie, the new lighting kit from Lightailing will make sure you can create such a dazzling scenario.

legacy  lego set light kit

Lego TRON: Legacy –The Special Features

No matter whether you wish to assemble a small set or just wish to let your kids try their Lego building skill in sci-fi elements, this model can suit your purposes perfectly. With only 230 pieces to assemble, the structure is suitable for anyone over 10 years old.

legacy tron lego set

  • With three mini-figures of Sam Flynn, Rinzler and Quorra, the Tron Legacy set includes the grid or display base for TRON and the two detachable Light Cycles dedicated to Rinzler and Sam Flynn. While Rinzler’s cycle has power stream feature, assorted orange translucent light elements and mini-figure seat, that of Sam has the same mini-figure seat and power stream feature although the assorted light elements are of blue translucent tone.  
  • The Legacy 21314 display or base has two detachable parts, translucent blue light elements and attachment points where the two Light Cycles can be attached. Utilize the grid for Light Cycle display base or split it for recreating the Light Cycle chasing sequence.
  • Give Quorra her sword, attach blue Identity Disc each on Quorra and Sam’s mini-figure and two orange Identity Discs on Rinzler’s mini-figure and let the mini-figures fight on the grid for a battle of Identity Disc.
  • The model also includes the booklet consisting of building instructions, the lowdown on the movie as well as main characters and details about Lego designers and fan creators of the set.

What To Know About Light Kit For Tron Legacy

light kit for lego legacy set

As the lighting kit includes delicate and small parts, it is better to keep them inside their respective packets foiled by bubble films to avoid losing them or damaging them. You will need to assemble the entire set before unboxing the kit to get a clear insight of where to pass the wires and lights without hampering the overall look. The light kit for Tron Legacy 21314  comprises of some random colored Lego bricks which you can use for customization along with the high quality LED lights and compatible wires. The connecting wires are to be connected to the lights by passing them through or beneath bricks, as mentioned on the instruction books written in a universal language. Get the AA batteries and insert them in the battery pack and connect the USB cord to the USB hub. After the installation is complete, test the light connection to ensure that all the lights are dazzling properly when it is dark.   

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