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With Marvel Avengers Phase 3 officially ending with Endgame, Lego enthusiasts and Avenger fans would give anything to relive in that nostalgia that started with Iron Man. Every fan would be well acquainted with ever-changing and ever-developing suits of Tony Stark offering more jaw-dropping power than the last one in order to diminish the worst of villains. With the Lego Iron Man Hall of Armor 76125  model, you will get to build the suave modular lab of Stark and create a miniature model of it just as was shown in Iron Man 3. However, just as without those enthralling VFX the films would look dull, without the LED lights, the Lego model too would be overshadowed when the room lights are off. Lightailing and BriksMax bring you the lighting kits suitable for even those without any electrical knowledge.

Iron Man Hall of Armor Set light kit

Know About the Iron Man Hall of Armor Set

From the Lego superheroes Marvel series, this model with 524 pieces can be assembled by anyone over 7 years of age i.e. both nerdy adults and interested kids under the guidance of someone older. Featuring six mini-figures from Marvel multiverse namely Iron Man Mark 1, Mark 5, Mark 41 and Mark 50 along with two Outriders, the hall has rotating podium equipped with two functioning robotic arms of Tony Stark, kitchen, desk, tool and weapon storage, radar dish, fire extinguisher, two flame elements, and safety barrier equipment.

  • The special elements of the hall include translucent blue display, cup, chair, smoothie maker, stud shooter, energy beam equipment and powered up jetpacks inside weapon storage for mini-figures and wrench inside tool storage.
  • The modules are detachable and can be stacked and combined in various ways to enjoy playing with an alternative scenario such as a circular formation for prison screen room of the baddies.
  • You can assemble hair and face to the Tony Stark mini-figure as well as attach posable legs and arms to the Igor Suit that features opening cockpit and wheeled robot for an imaginative scenario.

Lighting Kit for Iron Man Hall of Armor

Light Kit For Iron Man Hall of Armor 76125

Make sure you have perfectly assembled all the Lego pieces for the hall of armor model no matter which scenario you have chosen and then unbox the lighting accessories which are packed inside separate plastic pack wrapped with bubble film. The kits include the following –

  • One strip light and five 15cm lights of blue tone along with thirteen warm white lights measuring 15cm each are there to lighten up the modules, radar, rotating podium, robotic arms, desk, tool and weapon storage, kitchen, Igor mech and some of the Iron Man Suits. Lightailing also offers one custom-made USB light to highlight the structure.  

Light Kit For Iron Man Hall of Armor 76125 set

  • The lighting kit for Lego  has a connecting cable of 30cm length and three cables of 15cm length each for the bricks, a 30cm USB cord for the hub and three expansion boards with 6 ports and another with 8 ports.
  • There are two Adhesive Squares and four random colored Lego Pieces for customization. Get AA batteries for the battery pack and follow the instruction manual with the user guide for ease of installation.

Check each accessory from the kit properly to make sure there is no broken piece and if you find any, return them within seven days. The warranty card offers accessory warranty for a year. Follow the universal instructions and test the lights after installation.

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