An Imaginative Role-Play Fun: Lego Iron Man Armory 76167

The Lego Marvel Iron Man Armory 76167 set with only over 250 Lego pieces is a kid-friendly set offering endless role-playing opportunities with imaginative scenarios. Warm white premium LEDs and handmade light accessories from Lightailing will make this set vibrant even in darkness.

Iron Man Armory 76167

If you love Iron Man 3000 and is a die-hard fan of the Avengers epic saga, the Lego Iron Man Armory 76167 set lets you enact various imaginative moments inspired by the movies or comics. With only 258 Lego pieces, this model from the Lego Marvel Avengers series can be the perfect beginner-level model for anyone above seven years old. With five Minifigures and the stunning Hot Rod, the set can be lightened up with the handmade lighting kit from Lightailing. No matter whether the room lights are turned on or doused, the light kit will prevent the Lego structure from overshadowing. What is better, you do not need any electrical knowledge for installing any light accessory.  

Highlighting Iron Man Armory 76167 With Lighting Kit

Iron Man Armory 76167

The light kit for Iron Man Armory 76167  is designed as a plug-and-play model for any enthusiast above six years old. You should finish building the entire Lego structure before adding the light kit, otherwise, the small delicate parts might get lost or mixed up with Lego plates.

Make sure that the light accessories are not damaged while handling Lego pieces and therefore, you are recommended to open the box after finishing the model. Test each accessory properly before installing finally.

Iron Man Armory 76167

The armory stands over three inches in height while the hot rod is 3.5 inches in length. With the lights for Lego 76167, you can highlight this versatile set with the Minifigure of Tony Stark, the Iron Man and Prototype Iron Man suits and two A.I.M agents.

The armory has prototype sketches, a translucent blue panel with prototype information, an oxygen cylinder, a coffee mug, a small prototype Iron Man trophy figure on a display stand and a burger. The buildable setting also has the souped-up hot-rod that Tony Stark would repair or drive.

The A.I.M agents can climb on top of the armory frame or shoot from their pistols after breaking in while Iron Man can use his power blast features and the shooting functions of the hot rod..

Iron Man Armory 76167

The connecting wires of the Lego lights  can be passed between the stubs easily without any damage once you have set up the brick separator. There is no battery in the light kit –make sure you buy three AA batteries in advance for the battery pack.

Refer to the illustrations and the detailed steps in the universal language from the instruction manual. The user guide can be helpful in further installation. The after-sales card guarantees two years of manufacturing warranty.   

Conceal the lights for Lego  and lighting wires properly so that the outer look is not affected. Set up the expansion boards, Adhesive Squares and the USB hub with a 30cm power cable. Make sure that the main power remains below 5V so that no electrical burn occurs.

The light kit box comprises lights and accessories in respective plastic packets with air-bubble protection. If you notice any missing accessory or defective part, return it within seven days to get a replacement.

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