The Exclusive Lighting Ultimate Collector Series Version Of The Lego A-Wing Starfighter 75275

The Lego Star Wars A-Wing Starfighter 75275 set with over 1600 Lego pieces will let you recreate various thrilling scenes from the movie Return of the Jedi. Briksmax makes sure that the structure is never overshadowed even when night comes or the room lights are doused with the handmade accessories and 23 high-quality LEDs.

Light Kit For A-Wing Star Fighter 75275

The Lego Star Wars series has always come up with the most unique structures from the legendary saga and the Ultimate Collector Series Version sets the standard several notches higher. The expert-level A-Wing Starfighter 75275 set made up of 1673 Lego pieces is age-appropriate for any 18+ years old enthusiast and lets you reminisce in the stunning actions from the movie Star Wars: Return of the Jedi (Episode VI) from 1983. You can combine it with the other Collector Series models like Boba Fett Helmet 75277 and Stormtrooper Helmet 75276. Whether you are displaying it during daytime or at night, in dark or light, the premium lighting kit of Briksmax is there to brighten the model up even though you do not have any electrical knowledge.           

Specialties Of A-Wing Starfighter 75275 Set

Before adding the lights for Lego A-Wing Starfighter 75275, finish the Lego building and get the required number of batteries as there is no battery in the light kit. The light kit box contains LEDs and accessories packed in separate plastic bags and those are protected from shipping damage with bubble sheets.  

Assembling the pieces will be like a piece of cake for kids and adults alike with the step-by-step manual. With the display plaque, the model stands 10.5 inches in height with a length of 16.5 inches and a width of 10 inches.

Light Kit For A-Wing Star Fighter 75275

With the LED light for Lego Star Wars  75275 model, you can highlight the adjustable information plaque with a display stand, the removable canopy of the cockpit that was added in January 2020, the Minifigure of A-Wing Pilot inside the cockpit using controls and the pivoting cannons that fire laser on the enemies at all directions.   

Highlighting A-Wing Starfighter 75275 With Lighting Kit

Light Kit For A-Wing Star Fighter 75275

The Star Wars set lights  are suitable for any Lego builder above six years old and you should keep infants away due to choking hazards. The light kit comes with a manufacturer warranty of two years from the delivery date with the after-sales card.

Check out the illustrated installation steps from the universal instruction manual and utilize the user guide during future installations. Use 17 random colored Lego plates for customization.

Light Kit For A-Wing Star Fighter 75275

Insert batteries in the AA battery pack and connect the 30cm power cable with the USB hub. Prepare the brick separator to pass one 15cm, three 30cm and four 5cm connecting wires smoothly and safely between the stubs while concealing them from the exterior.

Light up Lego  A-Wing Starfighter 75275with one 15cm and one 30cm white, one 30cm warm white, two 30cm blue and twelve 15cm yellow LEDs, one small warm white light strip, one blue light strip and four slow flashing 30cm red LEDs.

Use the remote control to adjust the glow of the LEDs. Set up the receiver board, one 8-port, one 12-port and four 6-port expansion boards and two Adhesive Squares. Make sure the main power is below 15v to avoid any mishap.

Test each accessory and light from the kit –make sure all items are included, in proper shape and working properly. For any discrepancy, you can return the kit and get a replacement.   

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