How To Bring Vitality In The Massive Lego Rough Terrain Crane 42082?

The moderately difficult Lego Technic Rough Terrain Crane 42082 set with over 4 thousand Lego pieces is a dream model for automobile enthusiasts. Briksmax makes Lego building more enchanting with the high-quality lighting accessories and LED lights that you can set up even without proper electrical skills.

Light Kit For Rough Terrain Crane 42082

Lego enthusiasts who have an interest in cars and automobile engineering will find the detailed replica models of Lego Technic cars thoroughly engaging. Suitable for anyone above eleven years old, this expert-level set, the Rough Terrain Crane 42082 with 4057 Lego pieces will ensure a challenging and exciting Lego building opportunity simultaneously. One of the largest models from the Lego Technic series and the tallest and largest Technic crane as of pre-August in 2018, the set is a two-in-one model that can be reassembled into the Mobile Pile Driver. This crane in black and red color scheme can be brightened up with the help of a premium and handmade lighting kit provided by Briksmax.  

Highlighting Rough Terrain Crane 42082 With Lighting Kit

Regardless of your skill in electrics, the Lego Technic light kit can be installed easily as it is a plug-and-play kit suitable for any 6+ years old Lego builder. The lights and accessories are small and delicate –that being said, those can get mixed up, lost or damaged if you handle them with Lego pieces at the same time. You should keep the kit safe from infants to avoid choking hazards and make sure you install the lights only after assembling the entire model.   

The universal instruction book comes with detailed steps and illustrations to help in installation. You will find the user guide helpful in the further installation steps. There is an after-sales card bearing a warranty of two years applicable from the day of delivery.

Light Kit For Rough Terrain Crane 42082

With the Lego Rough Terrain Crane 42082 lights, you can highlight the crane in working condition with dimensions of 39 inches, 25 inches and 10 inches in height, length and width respectively, as well as in driving condition with dimensions of 10 inches, 29 inches and 7 inches in height, length and width respectively.

The lights will also brighten up the Mobile Pile Driver that stands nine inches in height with a width of seven inches and a length of nineteen inches. The power functions of the larger motor can be activated to adjust the crane upwards and downwards easily for motorized functions.

Light Kit For Rough Terrain Crane 42082

You can lower its stabilizer legs for a 360-degree rotation of the superstructure, adjust its lifting winch and raise its extendable boom one meter upwards. The manual functions including four-wheel drive, four-wheel steering, adjustable wing mirrors, intricate V8 engine, fan and moving pistons also get a vibrant look with the Lego lighting kit.

The operator’s cab has opening door while the two opening storage compartments feature tools, fire extinguisher and chains. The four outrigger landing plates along with the four building sections can be assembled and lifted. Pass the connecting cables smoothly in a way that they are not visible from the outside.

There is no battery in the light kit and you have to buy three AA batteries to insert in the battery pack. Prepare the expansion boards, Adhesive Squares and the USB hub with the 30cm power cord.

The lighting kit box is sturdy and contains the accessories and lights in separate packets wrapped with air-bubble sheets. Test each item before proceeding to the final installation.   

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