An Incredible 60216 Downtown Fire Brigade Set

The Lego City Downtown Fire Brigade 60216 set with over nine hundred Lego pieces pays tribute to firefighters and offers role-playing with seven Minifigures. To make sure that the structure is never out of focus or overshadowed in dark, Lightailing and Briksmax offer handmade lighting kits including thirty premium LEDs and accessories.

Light Kit For Downtown Fire Brigade 60216

Reimagining and recreating various scenes in the Lego City can be enjoyable when you incorporate a fire breakout scenario featuring the Lego Downtown Fire Brigade 60216 set. With 943 Lego pieces, this kid-friendly and beginner-level model can be assembled by anyone above six years old just like the lighting kit from Briksmax or Lightailing that has a plug-and-play model. Swing around the crane and lift porta-toilet mid-air using a winch. Race to the affected scene on the fire ladder truck while pressing the brick with light-and-sound feature and launch water elements by raising the ladder and squeezing the bellows. Extinguish the fire elements while loading and pushing multi-shooter plungers of R.O.S-T3 and the helicopter to alleviate the blaze.

Specialties Of Downtown Fire Brigade 60216 Set

Light Kit For Downtown Fire Brigade 60216

Before installing the Lego set light kit¸ complete assembling the structure and buy 3 AA batteries. The building including the construction site, porta-toilet and lamppost stand above ten inches in height with four inches depth and eight inches width.

There are Minifigures of four firefighters, two construction workers and a pilot. In January 2019, the working light-and-sound feature, fire hose, extendable swivel ladder and water-jet for the pump were added to the fire ladder truck that stands over three inches high, two inches wide and fifteen inches long.

Light Kit For Downtown Fire Brigade 60216

The three inches high, one inch wide and seven inches long rescue helicopter features multishooter added in January 2019, spinning rotors, opening cockpit, the fire motorbike with space for warning signal and the R.O.S. –T3 Remote Operated Vehicle with multi shooter from January 2019 and extendable claws.

The roofed three-leveled building has adjacent fenced construction area, falling lampposts, tool holders, porta-toilet featuring removable front and top and the free-standing nine inches high, four inches wide and eight inches long crane featuring rotatable arm with functioning winch and hook.   

Highlighting Downtown Fire Brigade 60216 With Light Kit

No matter whether you are a layman or skilled in electrics, the Lego set light 60216 can be installed easily. There are nine random colored Lego plates for customization.

Follow each step and illustration in the instruction manual written in the universal language. keep the user guide as a further installation manual and the after-sales card as a warranty for 2 years.

Light Kit For Downtown Fire Brigade 60216

Utilize the brick separator to pass two 5cm, four 15cm and four 30cm connecting wires comfortably. There are one 30cm and twelve 15cm white, two 15cm warm white and six 15cm red LEDs with two 30cm and five 15cm white slow-flashing lights and three yellow strip lights in the lighting set.

Set up the multifunction board, six 6-port expansion boards and three Adhesive Squares. Insert batteries in the AA battery holder and connect the 30cm power cord with a USB hub.

You should test each accessory and light properly before installing and keep the main power below 5v to be safe. For any manufacturing defect, you have a 7-day return-and-replacement policy.

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