Create The Lighting Lego City Set The Dirt Road Pursuit 60172!

The kid-friendly Lego City Dirt Road Pursuit 60172 set with nearly three hundred Lego pieces and three Minifigures will let kids recreate various scenarios using their imagination. What is better, Briksmax has introduced a high-quality lighting kit featuring eleven premium LED lights with accessories that you can install without electrical skills to keep the structure bright day and night.

Light Kit For Dirt Road Pursuit 60172

Keeping your kids engaged in something productive can be quite difficult, especially when they have an inclination to mobiles and laptops in this technological era. The Lego City series is here to solve your problem with the beginner-level Dirt Road Pursuit 60172 set that any kid aged between five and twelve years can assemble easily. That being said, if you are a Lego enthusiast, this easy model with only 297 Lego pieces will help you enjoy some quality leisure time while Lego building. The crook’s escapade and the police chase scenario can be perfectly depicted especially at night if you incorporate the handmade light kit from Briksmax that does not require any electrical knowledge for installation.

Specialties Of Dirt Road Pursuit 60172 Set

Light Kit For Dirt Road Pursuit 60172

Once you are done assembling the Lego set 60172, it is time to open the box, unfurl the protective air-bubble films around the plastic packets and bring out the light accessories and LEDs. As the Lego pieces and light kit elements are delicate and small, you should never mingle the two, otherwise, those can get damaged.

There are two police officer Minifigures with a crook Minifigure and accessories include a string net, a backpack, handcuffs, radio, two money bills and a warning sign for rockslide.

Light Kit For Dirt Road Pursuit 60172

Before lighting Lego, you should add the off-road tires, net shooter and Minifigure cab for the 4x4 police car. The motocross bike for the police features a kickstand while the 4x4 vehicle of the crook features a Minifigure cabin and rear space for keeping loot.

The rockslide element has a lever that can be flicked to release a boulder. The net shooter has a button on the back that you can push to launch net on the crook.

Highlighting Dirt Road Pursuit 60172 With Lighting Kit

Anyone above six years old can light up Lego Dirt Road Pursuit 60172 and you should keep it safe from infants due to choking hazard risks. Always test the accessories and lights before installing to avoid complications.

There are three Lego plates for customization. The instruction manual in universal language will help in installation with illustration while the user guide helps in further installation. The after-sales card guarantees a 2-year manufacturer warranty.

Light Kit For Dirt Road Pursuit 60172

Use the brick separators for inserting the connecting cables smoothly between the Lego stubs. The Lego lighting kit comprises one 10cm and two 15cm red LEDs, three 10cm and three 15cm warm white LEDs and two slow-flashing 15cm LEDs.

Set up one 6-port and one 8-port expansion board with an Adhesive Square. Purchase the required number of batteries for the two oval CR2032 battery holders. Connect two 30cm USB power cables with the hub.

Make sure that all the items are included when you open the light kit box. In case any part is missing, damaged or not working properly, return the package within a week and get a replacement.

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