Add Shine To Rewarding Build-And-Play Experience of Lego Technic Container Yard 42062 set

With only over six hundred Lego pieces, the Lego Technic Container Yard 42062 is a kid-friendly set compatible with different Lego construction models for an extensive look. There are twelve LEDs and high-quality lighting accessories provided by Briksmax to make the vehicles vibrant under low light to dark conditions.

Light Kit For Container Yard 42062

If heavy-duty vehicles interest you, the Lego two-in-one Container Yard 42062 model with only 631 Lego pieces will be a perfect option for your enthusiasm about automobiles. This beginner-level set from the Lego Technic series is suitable for any kid aged between eight and fourteen years although any adult can enjoy leisurely Lego building opportunities with this set. When it is night and the room is dark, you no longer have to worry about the set getting overshadowed as Briksmax has a premium and handmade lighting kit that you can install with or without any skill of electrics.

What Is So Special About Container Yard 42062 Set

Light Kit For Container Yard 42062

The Lego Technic lights are to be installed only when the entire structure is properly assembled, otherwise, you might find it confusing as to where the lights are to be attached. Besides, the small lights and accessories are very delicate to cause choking hazards if swallowed by an infant or to get damaged or mixed up among Lego plates.

When the boom is extended, the Container Loader stands above nine inches in height with a width of three inches and a length of eleven inches. When the boom is retracted, it stands over three inches in height and nine inches in length.

lighting Lego set

The Lego set light kit will also come in handy when you have rebuilt the Container Yard into the Container Straddle Carrier featuring a truck with container. When fully extended, it stands over nine inches in height, nine inches in width and four inches in length. When retracted, it is over six inches in height and four inches in width.

The uniquely detailed brick marking the 40thanniversary of the Lego Technic series is notable in this robust model. The articulated truck comes with opening doors, working steering, two loading containers, a detachable trailer, a container loader featuring a working grabber, an extendable boom and working steering.   

Highlighting Container Yard 42062 Set With Lighting Kit  

Light Kit For Container Yard 42062

The light for Lego Container Yard 42062 can be installed by any enthusiast above six years old. You can enjoy a digital Lego building interactive guide with the free 3D online app named Lego Building Instructions.   

The random colored ten Lego plates can be used as substitutes or for customization. Install the light kit easily by following each illustration and installation step written in the universal language in the instruction manual. Keep the after-sales card safely for a 2-year manufacturing warranty and the user guide for further installation.

Light Kit For Container Yard 42062

The Lego lighting kit contains two warm white 15cm, four white 15cm and six red 15cm LEDs. The 15cm and 30cm connecting wires can be passed through the stubs easily with the help of a brick separator.

As there is no battery in the light kit box, get three AA batteries for the battery box. Connect the 30cm power cable and prepare the USB hub. Prepare the Adhesive Square and three 6-port expansion boards.

On opening the box, you should ensure that all items are included and then test each light and accessory to check whether they are in a proper state and working properly. If you notice any issue, there is a 7-day return-and-replacement option.  

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