Build a Corner Deli With a Lighting Detailed Interior!

The kid-friendly Lego Creator 3-in-1 Corner Deli 31050 set with only over four hundred Lego pieces offers endless customization and role-playing while you build and rebuild any of the three models. To make sure that the model never gets out of focus even when it is dark, Briksmax offers the handmade lighting kit of premium quality including ten LEDs and accessories that you can install with or without electrical knowledge.

Light Kit For Corner Deli 31050

Introduce your kids to the enchanting world of Lego structures with the Corner Deli 31050 set from the Lego Creator series. This beginner-level model with only 467 Lego pieces is perfect for anyone within the age group of eight to twelve, but if you are feeling like assembling a simple set in your leisure time, this is your option. Although not an extensive model, this set can easily be combined with other Lego Creator sets to create a townscape. You can disassemble the structure and rebuild it into a flower shop or townhouse. Once you are done assembling, open the Briksmax lighting kit to keep the model highlighted throughout day and night.       

Specialties Of Corner Deli 31050 Set

Light Kit For Corner Deli 31050

The Lego lights and accessories can get damaged, lost or mixed among Lego pieces if you handle them before assembling the model. Keep it away from infants to prevent choking hazards and make sure you have arranged three AA batteries as the light kit does not include any.

The set consists of an adult male Minifigure, a female child Minifigure with the buildable bird figure. 

The detailed interior to the Deli Shop features the cash register, buildable sandwiches, stairs leading to the apartment on the second floor, accessible rooftop terrace, balcony, a chair and a lamp.

Light Kit For Corner Deli 31050

The Corner Deli stands over seven inches in height with a depth of five inches and a width of six inches. The Lego set light will highlight the detailed vibrant façade, the movable shop sign, white and red striped awning and two opening serving hatches.

The set can be reconfigured into a high-street flower shop standing over three inches in height with a width of three inches and a depth of four inches or a small townhouse with a height of five inches, a depth of two inches and a width of three inches.

Highlighting Corner Deli 31050 With Lighting Kit

Light Kit For Corner Deli 31050

The light for Lego 31050 is suitable for anyone above six years of age and starting from the date of delivery, offers a manufacturing guarantee of two years. On opening the box and removing the bubble films around plastic packets, you should make sure that all items are included and test each of those properly before the final installation.

There are five random colored Lego plates for customization and a user guide for future installation help. For step-by-step installation guide, refer to the illustrated steps from the universal instruction manual.

Light Kit For Corner Deli 31050

For lighting Lego 31050, you will get one 15cm pink, one 15cm white and two 30cm white LEDs with four warm white light strips. Use the brick separator to pass one 15cm and three 5cm connecting wires smoothly.

Also included are Adhesive Square and a 6-port expansion board. Insert batteries in the CR2032 Oval battery pack and connect the 30cm USB power cable with the USB Hub.

If there is any discrepancy regarding any missing accessory, defective or broken part, there is a 7-day return policy by which you will get a replacement.  

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