Awesome Architecture Creativity with Lighting Lego Colosseum 10276 Set

The Roman architectural marvel with its extensive mysterious underbody and the columns of the exterior façade of the arena gets its unique look with the Lego Creator Expert Colosseum 10276 set including over nine thousand Lego pieces. Lightailing and Briksmax can help you showcase this exquisite model even in dark with the premium LED lighting kit that is installable by even a layman.

Light Kit For Colosseum 10276

The imperialism portrayed in Roman history along with the rich heritage of architecture and monumental expertise has been faithfully represented through the Lego Colosseum 10276 model. While traveling in Italy, hardly anyone will pass this historic amphitheatre that was often part of the gladiator shows and the Lego Creator series has, therefore, tried to recreate that majestic structure with 9036 pieces. This expert-level model suitable for any 18+ years old travel-enthusiast and Lego builder is not only a representation of one of the largest amphitheatres of the world but also is the largest set as seen in November last year. Brightening up this set with the Lightailing or Briksmax lighting kits will not be complicated even though you lack electrical skills.

Highlighting Colosseum 10276 Set With Lighting Kit

Created for those above six, the Lego Architecture set light kit will seamlessly brighten up the structure that has a height of 27cm, a depth of 59cm and a width of 52cm. No battery will be needed and you can assemble the pieces with the help of the instruction from the coffee-table manual that also contains details regarding the history and design of the structure.

The Lego set light kit box has the lights and peripherals packed separately in plastic packs while wrapped with bubble sheets. To avoid choking hazards, losing or damaging any part, always unbox after you complete Lego assembly.   

The structure can be easily lifted and turned to check out the interior from different angles through the arches. The Colosseum is set up on the oval display podium for better visual.

Light Kit For Colosseum 10276

Use the Lego light kit to enhance the detailing of the outer façade, the northern wall, iconic arches along the three levels, Ionic, Doris and Corinthian ordered columns and the Corinthian pilasters of the attic.

Combine the model with the Creator Expert Fiat 500 10271 model and park it on the travertine road laid with paving stones lined by olive trees. Green LEDs will highlight the road.

Warm white light for Lego Colosseum will brighten up the surviving archways along the free-standing oval structure. Recreate this engineering marvel holding up to eighty thousand audiences along with the elaborate hypogeum underneath the floor.

Light Kit For Colosseum 10276

You will get connecting wires along with LEDs that can be harmlessly entered through the stubs with a piece separator. For more guidance on how to light up Lego Colosseum, refer to the illustrated steps from the universal instruction book. Keep the user guide for further assistance.

The lighting kit contains expansion boards, multifunction board, Adhesive Squares and battery packs for which you need to arrange batteries separately. After connecting the 30cm USB cable to the hub, ensure that the main power is below 5V.

You should test the accessories and lights after unboxing and make sure that the kit includes all items as mentioned. If you notice any discrepancy within a week, there is easy return and replacement guarantee. Moreover, the after-sales warranty card will offer a guarantee of a year.

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