How Lighting Experience Level-up Your Lego NASA Apollo Saturn V 21309 Set

Satiate your enthusiasm about astronautics and astronomy with the Lego Ideas NASA Apollo Saturn V 21309 model made up of nearly two thousand Lego pieces. When it gets dark or the room lights are doused, brighten up your Lego set with the high-quality handmade light kit of Briksmax including eleven premium LED lights.

Light Kit For NASA Apollo Saturn V 21309

Perhaps the most mysterious thing in the entire universe is the universe itself. As the scientists and astronauts are always delving deep into this unknown world, the Lego Ideas series has come up with its moderately difficult model NASA Apollo Saturn V 21309 that consists of 1969 Lego pieces. Age-appropriate for anyone above fourteen years old, the set is an unmatched option for productive leisurely activities, especially for the next generation who would know more about space shuttles and rockets. Endless role-playing opportunities lie with the 100cm high model that has a diameter of 17cm. To prevent losing or breaking any delicate or small parts from the handmade lighting kit of Briksmax, it is recommended to finish building the model before installing the lights.  

Specialties Of NASA Apollo Saturn V 21309 Set

The Lego set light kit comes in a sturdy box containing bubble-wrapped plastic packets where accessories and lights are kept separately to avoid any damage. The set can be a great display piece if placed horizontally with three stands, as well as offers role-playing in the manned Moon missions by Apollo.

There is a coffee-table booklet from where you will learn about the designers of the model and the details regarding the Apollo Moon missions so far.

The spacecraft comes with the lunar orbiter and lunar lander along with three astronaut Minifigures that were added in June 2017.

The LED for Lego  will highlight the meter-high model of nearly 1:110 scale with its three detachable rocket stages namely the first S-IC stage featuring the engine detailing for the main rocket, the second S-II stage featuring detailed rocket engine and the third S-IVB stage featuring a rescue rocket on top of the spacecraft and the Apollo spacecraft.

Highlighting NASA Apollo Saturn V 21309 With Lighting Kit

Light Kit For NASA Apollo Saturn V 21309

The light kit for 21309 set  designed for anyone above the age of six years has a manufacturer warranty of two years valid from the delivery date with an after-sales card. You need to check the packets properly to make sure that no item is missing on unboxing and test each item properly to see whether those are in the proper state and functioning well.

The six 1x1 Trans Yellow Lego Round plates are there for customization with the set. As the package contains no battery, you have to get them in advance to insert in the three Oval CR2032 battery holders.

Light Kit For NASA Apollo Saturn V 21309

The illustrated instruction book with detailed steps in the universal language shows how to light up Lego  set while the user guide is useful in future light installations. You will know how to use the brick separator to pass the two 5cm connecting wires between Lego stubs without any damage.

There are five 30cm and six 15cm warm white LED lights for the spacecraft. You will also get three multiple function boards and two 6-port expansion boards to set up properly.

Even if you do not know about electrical installations, the light kit is easy to set up as it is plug-and-play. There is also a 1-week return-and-replacement guarantee for any manufacturer issue.

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