Lighting Colorful Cottage Lego Elf Club House 10275

Join in the Christmas fervor with the expert-level Elf Club House 10275 set consisting of nearly 1200 Lego pieces to ensure hours of unwinding and rewarding experience. Add the Briksmax lighting kit to enrich the vibrancy of this structure so that it glows day and night, regardless of festive season or not.

Light Kit For Elf Club House 10275

Whether you want a permanent decoration for the Christmas season every year or just a merry element in your home throughout the year, the Elf Club House 10275 set is perfect for you. This set from Creator Expert with 1197 Lego pieces is suitable for anyone above eighteen years old and stands 22 cm high with a depth of 13 cm. The colorful quaint cottage houses the fun-seeking elves of Santa Claus as they spend their time wrapping Christmas presents, preparing waffles, tracking Santa’s sleigh with a telescope while he soars up the sky to distribute gifts on the night of Christmas Eve and going out for rocket-powered sleigh ride. You should finish assembling and decorating the structure before opening the Briksmax lighting kit box so that no item gets missing or damaged.

Highlighting Elf Club House 10275 With Lighting Kit

Light Kit For Elf Club House 10275

The Lego light for 10275  is age-appropriate for any enthusiast who is above six and before the final installation, you should test each item carefully. You will get the LEDs and premium accessories packed separately in bubble-wrapped plastic packets to make sure that those are not damaged during shipping.

There is no need to worry about assembling so many Lego pieces as the coffee-table instruction book with all the design details is provided to help you out. The LED kit for Lego  also comes with an illustrated instruction manual written in the universal language for step-by-step light installation while its user guide is helpful during future installations.

Light Kit For Elf Club House 10275

The light kit does not come with any battery but you need to buy AA batteries separately for the battery holder. The Lego set has a battery for the light brick that is installed in the attic to offer a warm glow throughout the exterior.

You will get a Christmas tree decorated with ornaments and surrounded by Christmas gifts and the computer that the elves use to know who has been nice and who naughty!

Use the Lego Creator set light kit to highlight the waffle machine, repositionable chimney, the triple-decker bed featuring a glowing light to wake the elves with a shake and the sleigh with reindeer that can be parked in ‘sleighport’.

Light Kit For Elf Club House 10275

There are warm white LEDs for the interior of the two levels, colorful red, green and white LEDs for decorating the roof edges, green, red and yellow LEDs for the Christmas tree including the yellow light for the top star.

You should pass the connecting wires carefully between the Lego stubs so that they are not seen from outside. The lighting kit for Lego also contains expansion boards, Adhesive Squares and a USB cable for the power hub.

The main power for the lights should always be below 5V to avoid any accidents. If any item seems missing on opening the kit or you find any broken or defective part, there is an easy replacement policy valid only if you send the kit back within one week of delivery.

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