Lighting Showdown Of Lego Andrea’s Accessories Store 41344

Explore various moments from the television show with the beginner-level Lego Friends Andrea’s Accessories Store 41344 set made up of nearly three hundred Lego pieces. With five LED lights of high quality and premium lighting accessories from Briksmax, you can make the structure look more vibrant no matter whether it is day or night.

Andrea’s Accessories Store 41344

If you have excitedly watched the animated series of Lego Friends of Heartlake City or have little ones who love to watch the show, Andrea’s Accessories Store 41344 model will be a perfect option. This kid-friendly set from The Lego Friends series is suitable for anyone between the age of six and twelve, although any adult who is still child at heart can assemble the set consisting of only 294 pieces for a fun-filled time pass. Do not worry about leaving the model in dark as Briksmax offers you the premium plug-and-play LED light kit that is to be set up only after finishing the Lego assembly.  

Specialties Of Andrea’s Accessories Store 41344 Model

Andrea’s Accessories Store 41344

Each light for Lego 41344 model is very delicate and the accessories are small enough to cause choking hazards among infants –therefore, unbox the kit after completing the structure and stay alert when kids are near. The light kit is suitable for anyone above six with any skill level.

The store stands above five inches in height with a width of seven inches and a depth of three inches. It has two Mini-dolls of Emma and Andrea with the dog figure of Dexter.

Andrea’s Accessories Store 41344

The accessories include textile skirt, purple cat-ear wig, hair bows, handbag, cookie, sewing patterned tile, sewing case, money bill, cash register, camera and perfume bottle.

With the Lego light kit, you can highlight the fitting room that stands over two inches high, one inch deep and one inch wide with spinning mirror for revealing Andrea’s getup.

Other elements of the shop include the stand for Dexter, loudspeakers, light fixtures, desk, scooter and accessory displays.    

Highlighting Andrea’s Accessories Store 41344 With Light Kit

Andrea’s Accessories Store 41344

Before lighting Lego Andrea’s Accessories Store 41344, you should test each element and arrange the batteries needed for the battery box. The kit comes in a box that contains separate bubble-wrapped plastic packets where lights and accessories are packed separately to avoid damage.

There are two Lego plates of random color to help in customization or using as substitutes. The after-sale card offers a 2-year manufacturer warranty and is to be kept safely.

For step-by-step guidance in installation, you can check out the illustrations and steps described in universal language from the instruction manual. For later installation help, refer to the user guide book.

Andrea’s Accessories Store 41344

The Lego Friends LED lighting kitcontains two standard-sized and two large 30cm warm white LEDs and a 30cm light with flashing color that can be adjusted with the Turn Signal.

Insert batteries in the Oval CR2032 battery holder, set up the 6-port expansion board, prepare the Adhesive Square and connect the power cable of 30cm length to the USB hub.

Always make sure that the main power voltage remains below 5V, otherwise, electrical hazards may occur. In case of any manufacturing issue like missing, broken or malfunctioning part noticed within 7 days of delivery, feel free to return the kit in exchange for a replacement.

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