Battle Endeavor War Machine Buster 76124

The fandom of MCU Avengers never seems to subdue because Marvel has become more of emotion since its Phase One. Now that the Phase Four is all set to release in the upcoming years, fans would never miss out a chance to live in the nostalgia with the old characters and sci-fi models. The Lego Marvel Avengers series has successfully utilized this emotion in bringing out the Lego models while Lightailing has made sure the emotion always remains enkindled with the lights kits. Be it a dark night or a dimly lit room, these lights make sure your structure is always the center of attraction. Enjoy storming against the Outriders to save Ant-Man with the Stark trademark possible War Machine Buster 76124, recreate various scenes from the movies or spun one in your head.

Special Features of War Machine Buster 76124 Set

War Machine Buster 76124

Before you know about light kit for War Machine Buster, you should be aware that this model with only 362 Lego pieces is suitable for anyone who is over 7 years old i.e. both kids and adults can take part in assembling.

  • There are four Marvel Avengers Minifigures of the Ant-Man, War Machine, and the two Outriders. Kids would love to decorate the new suits of Avengers team which is an addition for 2019.
  • You can bright up Lego Machine Buster 76124 by highlighting the special features such as the opening cockpit, six rapid stud shooter, two flick missiles, two detachable stud cannons, opening storage with extra ammo, gripping hands, and movable legs and hands.
  • You can also detach stud cannons to add them with the hands and shoulder of War Machine for some special effects.    

What to Know About War Machine Buster Light Kit

Once you have created a particular scene with the fully assembled Minifigures, you can light up War Machine Buster Lego set  with the top quality lighting accessories which are not only small-sized but delicate too.

  • For the arms, opening cockpit and legs of the structure, you will get five red LED lights measuring 15cm each and two red LED lights measuring 30cm each.
  • A 5cm and a 15cm long connecting cables are provided for connecting the lights with the battery and USB. You have to pass the delicate wires in between and underneath the Lego pieces in such a way that they are safely concealed from poking out to ruin the look and do not tamper.
  • The lighting kit  also includes two expansion boards with 6 ports each, an Adhesive Square, a multifunction board and any random colored Lego piece for spare or customization.

War Machine Buster 76124

  • The 30cm USB cable connects with the USB Hub to supply main power while the battery pack powers up the lights. You have to get three AA batteries separately though.
  • No matter whether you know electrics or not, the instruction manual and user guide written in universal language make sure you go through the installation process perfectly.

Each packet wrapped by bubble sheet inside the Lightailing box contains separate pieces of the lights and other accessories. After you open them, check whether all of those are in a proper state and functioning well. The after-sale warranty card lets you replace any defective or any tempered part within seven days.        

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