The Endless voguish Star Wars Ultimate Millennium Falcon

Those who take pride in being Star Wars nerds would hardly miss any chance of treasuring collectibles which have any relation to this one of the greatest sci-fi series. Bearing this never-ending craze in mind, Lego has come up the Ultimate Collector series from Star Wars. As newer and older models keep on ruling the market, Lightailing makes sure that the game is several notches higher with its exciting lighting kits for almost every model. Coming to the Millennium Falcon 75192 model, you will get customized lights and accessories to highlight every part of the set.

Ultimate Millennium Falcon 75192

What Is Special About Ultimate Millennium Falcon Set?

With 7541 Lego pieces, creating a bright Lego design for the Ultimate Millennium Falcon can be quite interesting for anyone over 16 years old. From the four classic crew figures of Han Solo, Princess Leia, C-3PO and Chewbacca to the Minifigures of Rey, Finn and old Han Solo from episode VII-VIII and the buildable Mynock, two Porgs and BB-8 droid, creating an action-packed model of Corellian freighter.

  • Special exterior features are removable hull panels, moving boarding ramp, blaster cannon, a detachable canopy from the cockpit, interchangeable sensor dishes, seven landing legs, and quad laser cannons.
  • Gunnery Station has a detachable panel, gunner seat and rotating quad laser shooter while rear compartment has engine room featuring console, hyperdrive, and hidden floor, access ladder to the gun station, escape pod access and engineering console.  
  • The weapons include blaster pistol of Han, stud-firing bowcaster of Chewbacca, silver blaster of Rey, blaster rifle or Finn, etc.

Know About Lighting Kit for Millennium Falcon 75192

Ultimate Millennium Falcon 75192 light kit

The light kit for Millennium Falcon comprises of roughly 53 LED lights of high quality to make sure that you get to customize them in whatever way you want. The accessories inside the sturdy box are packed separately in plastic bags wrapped in bubble films.

  • Four white lights, each measuring 15cm and one white light measuring 30cm is there with two warm white toned lights measuring 30cm each. One 30cm and twenty-eight 15cm lights with a blue tint, two red lights measuring 30cm each, four red lights measuring 15cm each and eleven white strip lights comprise of the main light kit. While the blue and red lights highlight front and rear lights and cockpit, the top cannons use only red lights.
  • You have to pass the delicate connecting cables through and below the Lego pieces in order not to trample them or let them obnoxiously hang loose ruining the structure. Light up your Millennium Falcon with six connecting cables measuring 30cm each, six cables measuring 5cm each and ten cables measuring 15cm each.   

Ultimate Millennium Falcon 75192 LED  light set

  • You will get nine expansion boards with 6 ports and two expansion boards with 8 ports and 12 ports each along with a multifunction board. Four adhesive squares and 51 random colored Lego pieces are also included for better customization.
  • Get the AA batteries for the battery pack and connect the 30cm USB cord to the hub. Follow the installation steps according to the user guide and instruction manual and plug in to play.

Once you open the box and unpack the accessories of the light kit for set, make sure all the pieces are in proper shape and test the lights to see whether they are functioning properly. There is the after-sale warranty card for your convenience in replacing any faulty or broken part.   



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