Iconic Golden Gate Bridge City Set: San Francisco 21043

Traveling the world might not be possible the moment you desire but a virtual journey is definitely guaranteed when you are assembling Lego pieces to create a miniature version of a building, a skyline or even a part of a famous city. The San Francisco 21043 model from the Lego Architecture series is one such set which comprises of the famous architectural digests of the city namely the “painted ladies”, Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island and even the pristine blue strait. When a city skyline is concerned, creating its night view is must and there is no way you should keep your skillfully created structure in dark. Hence, the Lightailing lighting kit is there with small and high-quality accessories which are easily concealable and make sure that the best parts of the structure always remain highlighted no matter whether the room is dark or not.

Light Kit For San Francisco 21043

What to Know About San Francisco 21043 Model

Before you check out the custom lighting kit for Lego San Francisco model, it is necessary that you are aware of its special features. With only 565 Lego pieces, this model is appropriate for anyone over 12 years of age.

  • The main landmarks and attractions of the set are building known as “painted ladies”, Golden Gate Bridge on the Golden Gate Strait, Alcatraz Island, 555 California Street, Salesforce Tower, Fort Point, Transamerica Pyramid, and Coit Tower.

  • The strait is depicted through baseplate made of blue tiles and the model is depicted by the nameplate of San Francisco. The light kit for San Francisco represents the comparative structures of the structures with realistic color representation.
  • The booklet written in English features information regarding the architecture, designer as well as the history of each landmark with their architectural heritage. The structure garners interest in travel, history, architecture, and design.  

The Light Kit for San Francisco 21043 Set

Light Kit For San Francisco 21043

After you finish assembling the Lego pieces, open the Lightailing box, unwrap the bubble films and bring out each lighting accessory from separate packets. The lighting kit includes the following –

  • You can bright up San Francisco 21043 Lego set with the customized red, blue and warm white LED lights. While the blue lights highlight the Golden Gate Strait, the red lights highlight the Golden Gate Bridge and the warm white lights highlight the landmarks.
  • The lights are connected with the different sized connecting cables which need to be passed comfortably through or below the Lego pieces so that they remain concealed and do not ruin the look of the structure.

Light Kit For San Francisco 21043

  • You have to purchase three AA batteries and one or two spare ones for the battery pack. Connect the USB to the main power and enjoy the show.
  • There are universally written installation steps on the instruction manual and the user guide clearly mentions the setting up process.

No matter whether you know about electricity or not, the instruction books with detailed steps can make your light kit installation easier than ever. Check each product for any damage and test their functionality as you can replace them within a week.    


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