Best Gift Ideas That Multiples Toddler's Fun at Christmas!

Give your kids the most creative and fun gifts for Christmas with the Lego models namely Minions And Their Lair, Blue’s Helicopter Pursuit and Beach Hut. The kid-friendly LED lighting kits from Lightailing and Briskamx are handmade and of premium quality, installing which will be easy for anyone even without any electrical skills.

Brick-Built Minions and Their Lair 75551

Choosing the best gift for your toddlers require lots of precautions because not every material is kid-friendly. The Lego models that are age-appropriate can be among the safest and the most user-friendly gifts you can get for the kids, especially if you want them to indulge more in creative playing than spending time with a Smartphone. Even if the Lego models are not for toddlers, they can assemble those in presence of an adult and also take part in installing the lighting kit from Lightailing or Briksmax. The handmade plug-and-play light kits are suitable for anyone above six and do not require any electrical knowledge.

Light Kit For Lego Models That You Can Gift

The Lego Creator light and light kits from other series should be kept safe from infants due to choking hazards and you should install them only after finishing the Lego models. The lights and accessories are to be tested after unboxing to ensure that there is no broken or defective part.

Lights For Brick-built Minions and their Lair 75551

Brick-Built Minions and Their Lair 75551

Recreating scenes from Minions –The Rise of Gru presented by Illumination can be possible with the 876-piece Minions and their Lair 75551 model that is age-appropriate for 8+ years old enthusiasts. For lighting Lego, you will get one white and one small warm white light strips, two large 30cm and three large 15cm warm white LEDs and eight 10cm green LEDs. Pass one 5cm and four 15cm connecting wires smoothly between the stubs and connect the 30cm USB cable. Prepare three 6-port and one 8-port expansion boards with two Adhesive Squares.

Lights For Blue's Helicopter Pursuit 75928

Blue’s Helicopter Pursuit 75928

Those who have seen the movies Jurassic World and Fallen Kingdom will find the 397-piece Blue's Helicopter Pursuit 75928 set a perfect option to recreate imaginative or movie scenes. Suitable for kids aged between seven and twelve, this model featuring posable velociraptor Blue, a trap cage, helicopter and quad bike can be highlighted with the light kit for Lego Jurassic World Series.

There are two 15cm yellow, two 15cm white and three 15cm warm white LEDs with compatible wires, one random colored Lego plate for customization, an Adhesive Square, an 8-port expansion board, a 30cm power cable and an oval CR2032 battery holder for which you need to buy batteries.  

Lights For Beach Hut 31035

Beach Hut 31035

With only 286 Lego pieces, the Beach Hut 31035 model from the Lego Creator series is suitable for kids in the age-group of 7 to 12 and can be rebuilt into the seaside summer cottage or the summer shack adjacent to outdoor swimming pool. Two small light strips, one large 15cm and one large 30cm warm white LED light for Beach Hut 31035 will highlight the detailed interior and exterior with blue sea, seating area and beach. Two random colored Lego plates are given with two 15cm connecting wires, a 6-port expansion board, an Adhesive Square and an oval CR2032 battery box.  

Each light kit features a universal illustrated instruction manual and user guide to help in the current and further installation. The after-sales card bears a warranty of two years.

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