Christmas Door Knocking With Lego Santa's Workshop 10245!

Celebrate the fervor of Christmas with the Lego Creator 3-in-1 Santa’s Workshop 10245 set made up of nearly nine hundred Lego pieces. Prevent this vibrant model from overshadowing with the handmade and high-quality Briksmax lighting kit that anyone without electrical knowledge can install.

Santa's Workshop 10245

Christmas is about a month away and while you are busy hoarding gift items for Thanksgiving, Lego brings you the three-in-one Santa's Workshop 10245 model. With 883 Lego pieces, this moderately difficult model from the Lego Creator series is suitable for anyone above twelve years old. This set with six Minifigures is an edition to the Winter Village series of Lego and recreates a winter wonderland with Christmas magic. No matter whether the room is dark or bright, it is day or night or whether you have any electrical skill or not, installing the premium LED lights and accessories from Briksmax will be as easy as a piece of cake.  

Specialties Of Santa’s Workshop 10245 Set

The Christmas set light kit does not come with batteries and therefore, you have to arrange the required number of AA batteries for the battery pack. To avoid losing, damaging or mixing the small delicate parts, finish building the structure before unboxing the light kit.

The set comes with the six Minifigures of Santa Claus with his red sack full of gifts, Mrs. Santa presenting the tray of cookies and the four elves with hats and pointy ears. The gift sack contains accessories like four wrapped presents of assorted sizes, the pink wand, three toys, the classic blue spaceship and a yellow car.

Santa's Workshop 10245

The Lego lights will highlight the Workshop standing above six inches in height, three inches in depth and nine inches in width. You can enjoy Lego building with family with the separate dual sets of bricks and instruction manual to help adults, as well as, kids aged eight years and older assemble the structure. 

Let Santa set out with his sleigh while everyone gathers around Lego Christmas Tree. The LED for Lego will highlight the gold and red detailing with dark green cushioning on the sleigh, four adult and one baby reindeer. The workshop sign, the summer holiday photograph featuring Santa and Mrs. Claus and the North Pole sign are also highlighted.

Highlighting Santa’s Workshop 10245 With Light Kit  

Santa's Workshop 10245

The Lego Christmas lighting kit is age-appropriate for anyone above six and bears a manufacturing warranty for two years with the after-sales card. You should unwrap the air-bubble sheets and test each accessory before the final set-up.

The illustrated universal instruction book and the user guide will help you during each installation step and further installations. You will get four random colored 1x4 Lego plates and one Trans Round 1x1 Lego plate for customization.

Santa's Workshop 10245

For lighting Lego  building, detailed interior, stained glass windows, Christmas lights of rooftop, Christmas tree and clock tower, there are two 30cm and seven 15cm warm white LEDs, one warm white light strip, one color changing string light and five slow-flashing white 30cm lights.

Prepare brick separator to pass the 15cm and 30cm connecting wires. Set up 8-port and 12-port expansion boards with two Adhesive Squares. Insert batteries, connect the 30cm power cable to USB hub and make sure that main power remains below 5V to avoid burning.

Let Mrs. Claus bake cookies just in time for the clock tower to strike when Santa delivers presents. If there is any missing part or defect, get the light kit replaced by returning the kit within a week of delivery date.

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