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If you're ever struggling for a birthday gift idea, then there's a tried and tested gift that you can buy that'll put a smile on anyone's face. It doesn't matter if it's for a child in your life, or your parents, or partner, or anyone else - LEGO always works. Seriously, we can't think of a better gift to give anyone than a LEGO gift set! Ready to find out more? Then let's dive right in!

1. LEGO DIY Lighting Kit

Kicking off our list today is a LEGO present that will literally light up the world of any LEGO fan: lighting kits to make all of their LEGO sets and creations shine. And better yet? You'll be able to pick some up from our store so whoever you're buying for can get their LEGO creations ready for display!

lego firehouse headquarters light kit

2. LEGO Make Your Own Movie Kit

An amazing gift idea for any LEGO fan, the Make Your Own Movie kit takes the idea of story-telling and playing that we're used to from LEGO and makes it even better. With a full set of instructions included that any young LEGO fan could follow, different scenes, and unique characters you really can tell any story you like!

3. LEGO Amazing Vehicles Book

The LEGO Amazing Vehicles book is something most LEGO fans won't pick up for themselves, but they'll love once they have, so it's the perfect LEGO birthday gift. It's just full of amazing vehicle ideas for them to try, and it can really push their imagination and building skills to the next level.

4. LEGO Tables

This next one is the perfect LEGO birthday gift for kids! It'll give them somewhere to build, preparing them for a LEGO workshop in the future! It also gives budding LEGO enthusiasts the perfect place for storing all the bricks they collect!

5. LEGO Brick Alarm Clock

It might be something of a novelty gift, but a LEGO brick alarm clock is a great way for people who love LEGO to show off their love with some decor too! It lights up beautifully and has a snooze function for those lazy mornings too!

6. LEGO Chess Set

This becomes one of the slightly more personalized LEGO birthday gifts because it combines two loves. If you have someone in your life (we're thinking about mom or dad for this) that loves both LEGO and chess, then this is a brilliant choice they're sure to love!

7. LEGO Storage Blocks

Who says LEGO birthday gifts have to be fun or inspiring or decorative? What's wrong with practical? Well, these LEGO storage blocks are great because they'll give the LEGO lover in your life the perfect excuse to buy more sets and bricks to fill up the storage blocks!

8. LEGO Ideas Dinosaur Bones

Another one that mixes two loves now, the LEGO ideas dinosaur bones kit is perfect for any budding scientist with an interest in LEGO. Afterwards, it becomes a perfect display piece, but the building of this set is a whole lot of fun too!

9. LEGO Markers

LEGO Markers might sound like the sort of gift you'd pick up because you'd forgotten, but actually these are great for little kids because it encourages them to draw the LEGO creations they've worked on. And isn't that the beauty of LEGO? It starts out as bricks, but it can take you anywhere after that, and the markers can help them as they figure out more.

10. LEGO Watch

No need to settle for a LEGO alarm clock that has to stay at home, not when you can grab a LEGO watch and take your love of LEGO with you wherever you go. It's the perfect gift for a kid and it'll definitely be a talking point when their friends see their cool new LEGO watch.

11. LEGO What Am I Guessing Game

A twist on a classic, this LEGO What Am I Guessing game is a lot of fun to buy for a family of LEGO lovers because it'll give them hours of fun and it's LEGO related, so it'll definitely be a gift that's appreciated by everyone.

12. LEGO Lunchbox

The best thing any LEGO lover can have as a LEGO birthday gift is the opportunity to take their love of LEGO with them wherever they go. It doesn't matter if they're heading to school or work, a LEGO lunchbox is a great gift idea so they can take a slice of their hobby with them when they head out of the house for the day!

13. LEGO Display Box

Every keen LEGO builder will need a LEGO display box eventually, even if they're just at the beginning of their LEGO journey. Whether they have a bunch of LEGO sets just waiting for their perfect chance to be displayed, or they've only just finished their first, it doesn't matter. The gift of being able to display their best work is incredibly thoughtful.

14. LEGO Water Bottles

In a similar vein to the LEGO lunchbox idea, LEGO water bottles are great to bring along with you wherever you go. They look amazing too and it's a really clever way to remind someone to drink more water!

15. LEGO Spoon Fork and Knife Set

And whilst we're on the topic, some kids just don't want to eat, no matter how much you try to convince them. But a LEGO spoon, fork and knife set is the perfect way to get them excited for dinner time.

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16. The LEGO Movie

For this one, you'll need to check with those true LEGO fans to make sure they don't already have it, but introducing someone to the LEGO movie for the first time is a special treat. For little ones and adults alike, the LEGO movie can show people what's possible with just a few bricks and your imagination!

17. LEGO Socks

A simpler gift idea perhaps, but one that would be a perfect LEGO birthday gift idea for dads or brothers. LEGO socks are a lot of fun to wear and can even be put on beneath a suit for work, so really anyone can wear them!

18. LEGO Brick Backpack

LEGO brick backpacks are perfect for kids and teens alike, and they look really stylish. Better yet, because they're made by LEGO, they're just as well made as the sets themselves, so it's something you'll be able to keep for years to come!

19. LEGO Block Kids Slippers

Another one just for the kids now, these LEGO block kids slippers are really special because they look great and they'll be able to wear them all evening long as they sit down to think about their latest creation!

20. LEGO Ideas Book

To finish, we have an amazing LEGO ideas book that we're certain will have at least one or two things that even the most seasoned LEGO lovers haven't thought of yet. That's why this ideas books is so great for every LEGO lover, because it pushes them to think outside the box!

Making The Final Decision!

Now that you've heard all of our ideas, why not head online to search for some more? And if you pick up any specific LEGO sets you think the LEGO lover in your life would love, then why not check back here to see if we have the specific LEGO lighting kit for the set? Buying the set and a LEGO lighting kit to go alongside it is the perfect birthday gift idea because it makes the set even more special!

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