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It seems like there isn't an area of life that LEGO can't make better, right? And that's certainly true for YouTube too. For loyal fans of LEGO, you won't be content with just building creations for yourself. You'll want to see others completing sets you don't have, designing their own sets, and creating the weird and wonderful too.

Well, if you're looking for the best LEGO YouTube channels for LEGO fans, then you're in the right place. Today we'll cover our top 11 LEGO channels on YouTube, and the best part about our list? There's something for every LEGO fan here, young, old, and somewhere in between! So read on to find your new favorite LEGO YouTube channel today!

LEGO Official

We're LEGO lovers; you're LEGO lovers, so it kind of only makes sense that we start with the official LEGO YouTube channel. Our favorite thing about their channel is that it has everything you need, no matter your age. If it's LEGO Friends content you want, then you can find it here. But likewise, if you're an adult who's looking to improve the way you build by thinking outside the box, then there are lots of tips and tricks style videos to help improve your design and building skills too.

Our favorite thing of all, though? Here is where you'll hear about all the latest news and see all the latest trailers about upcoming LEGO sets, so if you want to stay informed about all things LEGO, then this is your first port of call!

official LEGO YouTube channels


JAYSTEPHER is the channel to come to if you want to improve your design skills. In terms of the LEGO YouTube channel names that are bounded about the internet, we're sure you'll have heard this one. He covers everything you need from a LEGO channel on YouTube: MOC builds, product reviews, tips, tricks, unboxing videos, tours... Need we say more?

You can head here no matter your age, but we'd probably suggest this is one of the few LEGO channels that is geared more towards an adult audience. Even the kids' YouTube channels can teach you a lot, but if you prefer content that's delivered a little less... colorfully? Then you're in safe hands with JAYSTEPHER.

lego youtube channel


We love heading over to LionBricks whenever we need inspiration. You know what it's like as a LEGO builder, when you've run out sets to build and you're trying to create something original for fun, but you just can't seem to think of anything good to build. Well, enter LionBricks. There is a tonne of content on their channel, including building ideas and suggestions. They cover everything from custom builds to MOCs, but they also do Q and A style videos that you can learn a lot from.

Even if none of the above content sounds like it's for you, then do yourself a favor and check out their 'Building a LEGO city' playlist. Trust us, if you ever needed encouragement to start on a HUGE LEGO project, then this will certainly give you that!


OK, you're going to need to hear us out on this one. EvanTubeHD was one of the best LEGO YouTube channels around 8 years ago. Originally, it was started as a channel dedicated to LEGO reviews from the point of view of Evan and his sister (who, at the time, were children). It was a unique insight into what children thought of different LEGO sets and they produced some amazing content. Nowadays, the channel has branched out a fair bit, but there are still some excellent LEGO videos being posted, albeit from the point of view of someone much older now.

This channel still creates amazing LEGO content, and you can learn a lot from the videos. Evan's old videos are worth a watch still if you're willing to work your way through the extensive back catalogue to watch some of those early gems too!


The AustrianBrickFan YouTube channel is a bit of everything. It's a LEGO Ninjago YouTube channel, a LEGO Technic YouTube channel, a LEGO sets channel - you name it. He tries his hand at it all, and it's this variety that keeps us coming back for more. Above all else, you can see that he is a mega fan of LEGO, and he produces these videos for the sheer love of it. That's probably why his content is so varied, because finding a niche is difficult when you just love everything about the bricks!

You can learn a lot from his videos too, no matter your age, but given that it's content created by an adult, it's probably best described as being for adults too.

best lego youtube channels

Playwell Bricks

Playwell Bricks isn't a huge channel by any stretch of the imagination, but it's a channel that is full of untapped potential. We love watching this guy at work, because he thinks so differently and there's nothing more inspiring when you're looking for design and building tips than seeing someone who is so creative with the bricks they have. You can expect to see MOC tutorials, design tutorials, and even MOC works in progress, so you see things from his perspective at every stage of the custom building process.

Head here when you want inspiration, because this is one of the best LEGO YouTube channels out there - even if not everybody has caught on to that fact yet!


JANGBRiCKs is the place to come when you just want the option of seeing a bit of everything LEGO related. There are building videos, review videos, and even news updates, so this has something for everyone, no matter your age. You can pick up a lot from watching someone like him, because his passion pours into everything he does and his content is really outstanding quality.

We love this one, and we think all of you will too!


JKBrickworks is truly a LEGO YouTube channel that stands head and shoulders above the rest in terms of originality. The whole reason they set the channel up was to show off custom builds unlike any other out there. Everything from amazing sculptures to 'intelligent' robots features on this channel, and it's genuinely just an exciting YouTube channel to keep up with.

But the best part about it is their motivation behind the channel. They want to inspire others to do the same, so their content takes you through every step of the custom build journey to get you fired up for putting your own ideas into practice. What's cooler than that?


If you're like us, then you'll have already binged every episode of LEGO Masters that you can, but did you know they have a dedicated YouTube channel too? You can try FOX LEGO Masters YouTube channel, or even go further afield with LEGO Masters Australia.

Either option will give you a greater insight into the builds that these creative and inspiring individuals have produced on the show, giving you a tonne of new ideas for your own custom builds while you're at it! It has content dedicated to the process of LEGO building. Sure, we love the drama on the show as much as the next person, but their YouTube channel is where the golden content for LEGO building ideas is at.

best youtube channel for lego fans


Most people will have heard about ellieV if they have a mini LEGO fan in the family, but few adults have unlocked this channel's potential yet. Yes, it is family friendly, and it's full of content that children just LOVE (especially because of her role as a LEGO Friends YouTube channel)!

But we have to admit, that the content is just as great for adults too! She does everything from LEGO set building and reviews, all the way through to custom builds of her own, and it's a great way to inspire little ones too. After all, as a generation of LEGO lovers, isn't it our job to pass that love down to the next generation?

Well, ellieV does a great job of that, but she also gives some great tips and tricks for adults too to help you think outside of the LEGO box with your future builds!


In terms of LEGO YouTube channels, BrickVault is relatively well known, and it has content that will entertain and inform in equal measure! There are some wonderful MOC videos that showcase the best of the best, but their Minifig videos are all worth a watch too for the entertainment value - trust us, you can lose a few hours down this rabbit hole without realizing it.

BrickVault strikes a lovely balance between a LEGO YouTube channel that teaches you new things and encourages creative thinking, and one that also keeps you entertained whenever you need it!

Feeling inspired?

Now that you've learned about the best places to go for your LEGO YouTube hits, we bet you're feeling pretty inspired to build your own creations or working on that LEGO set you've been putting off, right? And once you're done, you're going to need something extra special to showcase your latest build!

Luckily for you, we have just the things with our LEGO lighting kits. We have something for everyone over on our store, so check out our LEGO lighting kits for specific LEGO sets, or create a DIY lighting kit to go alongside your unique creation.

lego lights

One things for sure though, with the help of the YouTube channels listed above, you'll be back in the LEGO saddle before you know it, and our lighting kits are the perfect way to celebrate that!








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