best lego technic sets for adults

The LEGO technics range offers something that's really unique. The things you can create with LEGO technics is seemingly never ending, and we love that about this range! We also love LEGO technics for adults because this type of set really lends itself to adult builds that can be displayed with pride.

For us, big LEGO technic sets are truly special because many of them have movable or motorized parts, amazing attention to detail, and the subject matter is often more suited to adults too. Basically, we love these sets, and now we're going to share our top 6 with you!

6. LEGO Technic Crawler Crane (42042)

LEGO Technic Crawler Crane

First up is the Crawler Crane. We love this set for adults for several reasons. First, the motorized parts make this really fun to build and use, and the crane function is actually pretty mind-blowing when you first use it. Second, it's a two in one set, so you can take it down and rebuild it to create a Mobile Tower Crane too. And finally, the attention to detail is astonishing thanks to the 1401 pieces it takes to build this beautiful crane.

This is something we love to see in LEGO technics for adults because often they are intended for display, but it can become a little boring looking at the same build for months on end. With the two in one feature, though, you can tear it down and rebuild it as something else whenever you feel like! This set is amazing, and a great place to kick off this list.

5. LEGO Technic Customized Pick Up Truck (42029)

 customized pick up truck LEGO set

This isn't your run of the mill pick up truck. Oh no, this customized pick up truck can be transformed from a rather plain looking pick up truck into a Forest Skidder with just a little reworking, but either of them works brilliantly. There are movable parts, of course, and it makes this piece something that can be interacted with for hours of fun.

With 1063 pieces, this isn't necessarily one of the big LEGO technic sets for adults, but it is impressive! Some of the key features include enormous wheels with independent suspension, a tipping bed, opening doors and front steering - basically, this is an exciting piece that all your friends and family will be jealous of.

4. LEGO Technic Heavy Lift Helicopter (42052)

LEGO Technic Heavy Lift Helicopter

It's important to note that this Heavy Lift Helicopter doesn't fly, but it does pretty much everything else! Featuring huge double rotators, 2 large engines, cargo accessories, and movable elevators and rudders, this helicopter is really something that wows. It's a lot of fun, looks great on display, and has so much attention to detail that it has to be quite high on our list!

It has 1041 pieces, so again, there's a lot of detail that can be added here and LEGO certainly hasn't shirked on that. This one already comes with light up functionality, which is something we love to see as LEGO lighting kit providers, because it shows that LEGO recognize the importance of lighting in LEGO builds when using them as display pieces.

3. LEGO Technic Lamborghini Sian FKP 37 (42115)

Lamborghini Sián FKP 37 42115 light kit

Now we're going from the cool to the incredible, and there's no better option to start with than the LEGO technic Lamborghini Sian FKP 37! Seriously, now we're in top 3 territory we had to look for something that was special, and this is definitely that. With features such as working scissor doors, a retractable rear spoiler, and opening hoods, this is a build that's packed with interactive features.

At 3696 parts, this is the biggest LEGO technic build so far and the result is an amazingly detailed, surprisingly large, and absolutely stunning model of a Lamborghini that even those who couldn't care less about cars would be impressed by.

Got a particularly stubborn friend? Well, if the model alone doesn't impress them, then the lighting kit for this LEGO set available on our store surely will. The lights take the stunning green Lamborghini to another level of impressive, and we think you'll notice a difference straight away!

2. LEGO Technic Ocean Explorer (42064)

LEGO technic Ocean Explorer

Just being pipped to the post for first place is this amazing LEGO technic Ocean Explorer. We love this set because of all the added features, including a mini helicopter and submarine, adding to an already impressive build. It has a working crane, detailed landing pad, captain's bridge and even an opening deck hatch for hull access so you can explore every part of this Ocean Explorer before hitting the waves!

We think the thing we love the most about this 1327 piece beast of a model is how LEGO has been authentic in the design. Playing or displaying this Ocean Explorer doesn't really matter. Either way, it feels like you have a mini version of a genuine Ocean Explorer, and that's something that's difficult to do, but LEGO does so expertly with this set!

1. LEGO Technic Liebherr R 9800 Excavator (42100)

night mode of lego Liebherr R 9800 42100

In a post all about the best big LEGO technic sets for adults we had to finish with the biggest of the lot, didn't we? But don't worry, it isn't just the size that counts here, but the insane amount of awesome features that it comes with too! We're going to start with the coolest feature, because frankly we can't hold it in much longer.

This Excavator is fully controllable by an app. Yes. It moves, rotates, and has a workable bucket and boom, and it's also fully motorized so you can do it from the app and just sit back and watch.

This is the set that truly provides hours of fun, but with 4108 pieces, it also makes for an impressive display piece too, and that's why we love it so much! If this beauty isn't enough to get you excited, then check out the lighting kit available for this set over on our store to take it to another level of awesomeness!

A More Immersive Experience...

This list of big LEGO technic sets for adults is definitely not exhaustive. LEGO fills the technic range with so many amazing sets that help give you a truly immersive experience that is unlike anything else they supply.

But if you want a more immersive experience with any of the technic sets you own, then you should think about picking up some of the lighting kits we've already discussed throughout this post to make your display piece really stand out.

Part of the fun of buying the best LEGO technic sets for adults is the display element, and all the sets we've discussed today work brilliantly as display pieces. But ALL the LEGO technic range does to, so head over to our store and look out for more LEGO technic lighting kits that will take your builds from amazing to mind-blowing with just the flick of a switch!
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