Best Lego Conventions

If you are a Lego fan, there are many conventions to fulfill your craving for brick constructions. Whether you want to see what the best brick hobbyists are creating, or shop for merchandise and Lego sets, choosing a Lego exhibition will be a great day out for you and your family.

Regardless of whether you have children who are Lego fanatics, or if you are looking for an AFOL event, conventions offer a great way to see the very best Lego builds.

If you are looking for a Lego convention 2022 to visit, there are many different choices available. While each Lego brick convention will allow you to indulge in your favorite hobby, there are differences in what they have to offer to Lego enthusiasts.

We take a look at the 5 best Lego conventions that you shouldn't miss, so you can book your tickets in advance.



The BrickFair Lego Fan Expo is throughout the year and available at different locations, stopping at Exton, Philadelphia towards the end of September. The next venue after that is Fredericksburg, Virginia, but for that event you'll have to wait until March next year.

Claiming to be the largest Lego festival in the United States, BrickFair draws in Lego enthusiasts from across the country. Attractions include:

  • Photo ops
  • Children's play area
  • Mini golf
  • Bounce houses
  • Art gallery

The event will also have shopping opportunities and many fantastic models to look at. Every type of Lego enthusiast should be catered for at this long-running event. With hundreds of exhibitors displaying the largest Lego builds, to the most intricate and delicate small constructions, there is something to make every Lego fan happy.

Prices for tickets start at $13 for afternoon access and $19 for an all-day pass.



Brickworld is an event that was established in 2007, with the aim of displaying the most fantastic Lego displays created by fans and hobbyists. The idea behind the convention is to inspire children and adults to create amazing Lego constructions of their own.

The convention offers some interactive activities as well as play areas. If you want to buy some Lego and related items, vendors are also at the event. But the main idea behind this Lego brick convention is to inspire.

To help give you inspiration, as well as awesome displays, they have a build area so that you can try things out. They also have a section for robots, some of which will fight each other.

Brickworld operates from 5 locations; Detroit in September, Fort Wayne in October, Indianapolis in March, Chicago in June, and they also visit Milwaukee. Prices to attend might vary depending on the location but should be around $14 on the day of the event, and $12 if you buy in advance.


brick universe lego convention

BrickUniverse is a Lego brick convention staged in Jacksonville at the beginning of October, with the other venues including Knoxville also used. Tickets on the day will cost $20, but you can save a couple of dollars if you order online in advance.

The event boasts many attractions including:

  • Tetley tea station
  • Notre dame
  • A Lego castle
  • Mount Rushmore
  • Fabuland fun fair

You also have the opportunity to meet professional Lego artists, and there are also massive displays that you can get inspiration from to create your own magnificent builds.

You can also expect to see life-sized Lego sculptures, and models based on real-life structures. These include the Manhattan Bridge, the NASA Kennedy Space Complex, and Golden Gate Bridge, among many other locations that have been beautifully recreated in Lego.



If you attend BrickCon 2022, you can expect to have access to view thousands of models created by adult hobbyists from across America. Vendors are also at the event that will allow you to purchase current, as well as past Lego sets. Custom sets and parts are also available at their Brick Bazaar.

BrickCon tends to be more of an AFOL event, though children aren't left out. On display, you will find complex creations that include immense creativity and problem-solving. Adults have more resources to create Lego designs that include thousands of pieces and a model that is worthy of being displayed in a Lego exhibition.

The event takes place over 2 days containing many fantastic Lego creations for you to look at. They also have games, character meetups, and dealers selling more difficult to find Lego sets.

BrickCon is an event that takes place in Seattle at the beginning of October.



BrickFest is a convention that operates from multiple locations across California, Colorado, Louisiana, New Jersey, New York. Oklahoma, Philadelphia, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia,

BrickFest exhibits mind-blowing Lego creations from all across America. The event runs over two days displaying Lego art, incredible constructions, and allows you to add to your Lego sets.

There are life-size models created out of Lego, photo opportunities, activities for children, exclusive merchandise, and much more.

Tickets for Brick Fest Live start at $15.99 for an afternoon ticket on Sunday, rising to $31.99 for VIP access. The sheer range of locations that this convention operates from makes it a fantastic choice for many different people who don't want to travel huge distances for their Lego event.


There are a lot of options if you want to attend a Lego brick convention. Hopefully, we have made it easier to choose which convention is right for you so that you can become inspired to create your own Lego constructions.

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