LEGO 10305 Lion Knights' Castle Review

It's been a while since we've seen a LEGO Castle set that has been able to impress all fans at the same time. With the Castle theme being such a tried-and-true theme for LEGO, their announcement of the LEGO 10305 Lion Knights' Castle came as no surprise. But is this set able to live up to the hype and impress fans of LEGO castle sets? Well, let's find out below, shall we?

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light up LEGO Lion Knights' Castle

Set Details

This Lion Knights Castle review will be focusing on LEGO set 10305, released for LEGO VIP members on the 3rd of August, 2022, and the rest of us on the 8th of August, 2022 - that's right this 4515-piece castle masterpiece is available for everyone, right now. It was released in honor of LEGO's 90 years of play celebration, reigniting their LEGO Castle range, something we haven't seen since 2014.

In this set, you can expect to see the Lion Knights again (an infamous tribe of knights you'll already be familiar with if you're a LEGO Castle sets fan), and a castle ran by a mysterious character known only as 'The Lady'. We'll talk more about her later, though. For now, you just need to know that this castle packs in tons of historically accurate details, from latrines to drawbridges, an armory to a music room. This castle has everything you'd expect from a medieval masterpiece. And a masterpiece, it is.

Lego Lion Knights' Castle


Priced at $399.99, we understand why people would be less than willing to hand over their cash, but it works out at roughly 9 cents per brick, which isn't too bad at all. Sure, there are cheaper sets out there with a better price per brick ratio, but none of them will give you the fun that this set will.

You might want to wait for the price to come down, but if you can afford it now, let's just say that this set is one of the best ones we've reviewed in recent months. Heck, it might even be the best one we've reviewed. Ever.

Yes, this set is pricey - but it's worth every cent!

Building Experience

One of the most fun parts about this set is building it. There's no doubt about that. But it's also one of the more frustrating aspects of this set. Let's get the elephant in the room out of the way first.

This 4514-piece LEGO set has 35 bags that covers 26 separate building sections that all join together to create the Lion Knights' Castle - and it will take you DAYS to complete this. With 2 booklets filled with instructions (one with 228 pages and the other with 288), you have to approach this overwhelming task with patience.

It will feel frustrating at times and as though you aren't making progress. Stick with the instructions, though, and you're rewarded with a seriously impressive end product!

Lion Knights' Castle lego building experience

Genuinely, though, if you just take the 26 building sections one step at a time, you can break up the large task easily over a few days to take the pressure off. Better yet, this approach allows you to really appreciate the level of detail LEGO have put on offer here. Usually, we'd discuss this more in-depth, but part of the appeal of this set is that it's one you can explore for yourself and see new details every time. We don't want to take that away from you - so just know there's plenty to discover for yourself here. Oh, and look out for the golden frog. That's all...

One more thing about this building experience we can reveal, though - there isn't a single sticker. Not one. In 4514 pieces, they haven't included a single sticker - meaning top quality printed parts galore. Thanks LEGO. They continue to delight us by including completely new parts, old parts in completely new colors, and the wizard character (Majisto the Wizard) providing a running commentary on the build throughout the building instructions.

Lion Knights' Castle lego review

Quips, facts, and jokes fill the booklet too, and we have to admit, having Majisto with his hilarious commentary really helped make the large build feel much more relaxing. So thank you LEGO, and most of all, thank you Majisto.

Minifigure Deep Dive

There's 22 minifigures in this set. Yes. 22. So we won't be covering them all in this deep dive, or we'd be here until the next LEGO Castle sets release. Still, there's a lot on offer here. From the Lion Knights themselves to Majisto the Wizard, this set has a cast of minifigures that's as varied and interesting as the castle itself.

Everything feels true to the medievalesque castle LEGO have tried to build here, from the court wizard to the villagers, 'The Lady' to the opposing Black Falcon forces. There are so many stories you can tell with the minifigures here, and it's easily the most exciting set we've seen in years for those of you who love to tell stories through LEGO play and display.

Lego Lion Knights' Castle minifigures

Will the villagers rise up and start a rebellion against the Lion Knights? Will the Black Falcons work with the mysterious Forest Guardians to infiltrate the castle and remove The Lady from power? The storytelling opportunities are endless, and you can decide how this castle's story unfolds!

If we had one small criticism about the minifigures, it would be that there aren't many original faces etc on offer. However, there's enough variety within the minifigures themselves that they're interchangeable, helping you create some unique looking minifigures compared to others who own the same set as you.

And finally, of all the minifigures, The Lady will almost certainly be a fan favorite. The leader of the Lion Knights, The Lady, can go from 'ready to battle' to 'ready for a formal engagement' in seconds, and we're not sure which version of her we love the most. Either way, The Lady is a fierce, strong, capable female that's more than able to defend the castle without the help of her Lion Knights - and she certainly has some of the best storytelling potential of the lot!

Lion Knights' Castle 10305

The Goods

  • Retro themes and colors
  • No stickers at all - showing LEGO's commitment to the quality of this set
  • New Lion logo on banners - a refreshing update from the original Lion Knights' Castle, but true to the original too
  • 10 different shield designs - helping the Knights stand out from one another
  • Folding wall mechanism is smooth, sturdy, and works brilliantly
  • Level of detail on offer is insane - from historically accurate latrines and dungeons, this set doesn't miss a beat
  • Minifigures and set details combine to create one of the best play and display LEGO sets we've seen from LEGO - ever

The Bads

  • Included in the set is a message from LEGO talking about their commitment to using sustainable packaging in the future - whilst this goal is honorable, there is so much waste in this set that the message falls flat. Hopefully LEGO can fix this sooner rather than later...
  • Thatched roof section of the build above the kids' bedroom is really tricky and frustrating - be prepared to take lots of breathers before tackling this section
  • Large build - sometimes feels overwhelming
  • Minifigures, whilst plentiful, aren't incredibly unique - with some faces being quite common across LEGO sets

The Verdict

It's no secret that we love this set and we think all of you will too. It might be almost-overwhelmingly large, but the end result is something that's spectacular. The castle looks great open or closed, so you can display it however is easiest for you, and if you're a fan of LEGO Castle sets, then we urge you to pick this one up as soon as you're able.

Is this the best LEGO Castle set we've ever seen? Yes. Is this the best LEGO set we've ever seen? Jury's still out, but it'll sit in a lot of peoples' top 10, we're sure of that!

Lights, Camera, Action...

This LEGO 10305 Lion Knights' Castle set feels like a movie set, and with so many details and characters, it feels like you're the director of your very own historic, medieval fantasy story! But what does every good movie set need? Lights, of course! And that's where we here at Lightailing come in.

Lego Lion Knights' Castle light kit

Pick up a LEGO Icons 10305 light kit from us, and you'll truly be able to breathe life into the castle and every scene you play and display with this set. We love the LEGO set as is. But when you add one of our light kits to it - well, only then will you be able to say 'lights, camera, action' with the confidence of a storytelling master!

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