How To Get Free LEGO Sets

Everybody wants free LEGO, right? Who wouldn't? But do you know there are perfectly legitimate ways to get free LEGO in 2022? And they don't all require a ton of hard work. If you have a passion for LEGO, and love sharing your thoughts about the latest sets, you can get free LEGO easily if you just learn how to become a LEGO reviewer.

But don't worry, there are plenty of ways to get free LEGO besides that, and today we'll be sharing the most popular!

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light up lego sets

1. LEGO GWP Offers

You don't necessarily have to do a lot to get free LEGO, so we're starting with possibly the easiest way to get free LEGO on our list today: waiting until LEGO gives away free sets.

It's not uncommon for LEGO to run GWP offers (or Gift With Purchase), which basically means if you spend so much on, they'll give you a set for free. These sets aren't to be sniffed at either. In July alone, we've seen LEGO give away some awesome themed sets when buying within a specific range. For example, just recently they gave away LEGO 30435 Build Your Own Hogwarts Castle gift set on LEGO Harry Potter orders worth over $40, and LEGO Harry Potter 40577 Hogwarts Grand Staircase gift set on LEGO Harry Potter orders over $130.

get free lego as gift

Sure, you have to spend money here to get some freebies, but it's still free LEGO at the end of the day - and we all love that.

2. Join LEGO VIP (It's Free)

We're always so surprised that people still don't realize that LEGO VIP is completely free to join in 2022. That means there's no sign-up fee, no monthly subscription to pay - nothing! It's just a free service you can sign up to. But what does that have to do with free LEGO sets?

Well, once you've signed up (you need to be 18 or over), you essentially are in a frequent buyer's program. From there, with every purchase you make at LEGO, you earn points. These points can then be traded in for free LEGO sets. Again, you're having to spend money to get free LEGO sets eventually, but if you're going to be buying LEGO anyway, it just makes sense to sign up to their VIP program and get some rewards back.

As well as the points system, being a LEGO VIP member also grants you early access to certain sets, gives you free members-only rewards, and even grants you access to VIP only shopping hours and days at your local store, where free prizes are often handed out to the early birds. So joining LEGO VIP will give you plenty of free rewards and gifts!

3. Head To Your Local LEGO Store During The Holidays

Trick or treating is a huge part of the holidays when Halloween rolls around. But something a lot of you guys don't know about is that plenty of local LEGO stores take part in the tradition too. That means you can walk up to the store dressed in your spooky costumes and they'll likely hand out some freebies as a treat.

These might not be the most high-value sets in the world, but they can hand out some great pieces from time to time. And if nothing else, they'll gladly hand out some free bricks to any shopper in full costume.

The best part about this method is that you can get all your friends and family involved too. Heading to a costume party at 5? Just swing by the LEGO store beforehand and get as much free stuff as you can.

It's not unheard of for LEGO to do these sorts of giveaways during other holidays, too - so keep an eye out online and in store around Christmas, Valentine's Day, Chinese New Year, and Easter, etc. You never know what rewards you can pick up for free.

4. Enter A LEGO Contest

This second half of our article is where things start heating up a little. You'll need to show some skills or some passion for LEGO in these later sections to get the freebies, but the freebies are usually higher value and much more rewarding. Let's start off first, then, with entering a LEGO contest.

LEGO runs all sorts of contests all the time. They have different requirements depending on the theme, but once you've read the details, the building itself is pretty straightforward. Typically, LEGO are looking for you to get creative and show off your skills as a builder - so if you're confident in your abilities, this is a great way to win big rewards if you do well.

Here are some top tips to get you started if you're thinking of entering the next contest:

  • Set up a Google alert so you don't miss them
  • Be as creative as possible
  • Take high-res pics of your finished piece
  • Stick to the rules
  • Have fun!

That last tip is very important. The beauty about this is that no, you might not win, so no, you might not win any free LEGO, but you'll sure have a blast trying, and that's really what it's all about, right?

5. Start A Blog

Now this is where your passion for LEGO really comes in. If you're interested in how to become a LEGO reviewer, then it really all starts with a passion for LEGO. If you love building, if you love sharing your thoughts about new sets, and if you love talking with fellow fans about it, then starting a LEGO blog is a natural next step.

become a LEGO reviewer

LEGO blogs are incredibly popular, because everyone loves to hear different opinions when it comes to our favorite bricks. And as you share your thoughts, engage with your community, and put out top-quality content, LEGO will notice you too. Once that happens, the freebies will start rolling in.

LEGO knows that their online community is a thriving one, and they love supporting blogs out there that are shining a light on LEGO's latest products. It's a win-win situation. They send you free products to try out and review, your content helps raise excitement among the community, and your readers are more likely to become LEGO customers. Everybody wins. But most importantly, you get to talk about something you love and get some freebies in the process!

6. Start A YouTube Channel

Not a great lover of the written word? That's OK! You don't need to be to become a LEGO reviewer - if you like to talk LEGO and have a method of recording yourself, then start a YouTube channel.

Just like blogs, LEGO YouTubers are incredibly popular, and LEGO keeps an eye out for rising talent among the LEGO YouTubers so they can send them free products to review, etc. It essentially works exactly like the blog scenario above, but you just talk about LEGO to the camera instead of writing it all down.

This is a great opportunity too, because it could not only win you some free LEGO sets often, but it can realistically become a career opportunity. LEGO won't pay you directly, but through ads on YouTube and monetizing your channel, you could actually turn this fun way of earning freebies into your dream job. As with most things LEGO related, the sky really is the limit...

Now, Let's Talk About Making Those Freebies Shine...

Now that you've got all those free LEGO sets, you're going to want to make them stand out, right? Well, here at Lightailing we have just the things: our LEGO light kits. If you really want your freebies to shine, then using our kits is the best way to go. Having a freebie is fun, but when you're able to make your set even more unique? That's where the real rewards lie.

light up lego

So, after you've taken our advice to become a LEGO reviewer, or you've tried one of the other ways of getting free LEGO sets in 2022, why not give our lighting kits a try? We promise they'll make your free LEGO deal feel even sweeter once you've got it on display!

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