Best Lego Gift with Purchase

What I like about a Lego Christmas is that you can rely on the company to come up with the best gift for the Holiday Season. Not only do they put together the perfect gifts, but they also go that extra mile. This year is not any different. Popular kits now come with GWP just to make Christmas and the Holiday Season even more special. You are not going to be disappointed.

What is Lego GWP?

Never heard of Lego GWP before? Don't worry, you are not the only one. The Lego company is always coming up with new ideas to make buying one of their kits extra special. If you are a fan of Lego, you probably make a lot of special collectible purchases. GWP kits are some of the best kits that Lego fans can buy. GWP stands for Lego Gift with Purchase. In other words, when you buy a Lego kit, you will get a small set as gift. On this page, we are taking a look at three of the most exciting gift-with-purchase offers.

Lego Santa's Workshop 40565

In many ways, this is the perfect seasonal holiday gift. It works well as a family present. You can have fun making this kit for hours together. Once you have finished your Lego Santa's Workshop, you can put it on display. It really shouts out Christmas.

The kit does not take very long to build. As with all Lego kits, it comes with all of the materials and instructions you need. 

Lego Santa's Workshop 40565

This is the second fun festive offering from Lego. As usual, Lego has thought about pretty much everything. As part of the kit, you get an Elf and a Santa minifigure. AS a GWP kit, it comes with the LEGO Fleece blanket making the kit extra special. But that is not all, there is more to this kit.

When you open the box, you will find that it also contains a Christmas Train polybag and a VIP Add On Pack making Lego Santa's Workshop even more special. All in all, this is a fantastic gift to give away or keep as a family gift.

The kit consists of 329 pieces and is suitable for 9 years up. Smaller fingers may find this Santa's kit harder to complete. You can get the kit for free when you spend $150 or Euros 150 or more.

Lego Eiffel Tower Apartment 40579

The good news is that Lego Eiffel Tower Apartment 40579 is still available. I think this kit become popular really quickly. Lego realized it was a novelty kit and decided to release more. Just in time for the Holiday Season, Lego has released more GWP Eiffel Tower Apartment Kit.

Personally, I would say that this is very much a kit geared toward adults. The offer was due to end on Cyber Monday but has now been extended to include the holiday season. This is a rather rare kit and makes an unusual display piece.

Lego Eiffel Tower Apartment 40579

The Eiffel Tower apartment kit comes free when you buy the Eiffel Tower kit. The apartment kit consists of 228 and is an exclusive GWP kit from Lego. I think that you deserve it after you have assembled the Eiffel Tower which consists of 10,001 pieces and stands 1.5 meters tall.

Did Gustav Eiffel ever live in the Eiffel Tower? As far as we know, Mr. Eiffel never lived in the Eiffel Tower. But, it is certainly thought he spent time there. According to photos, the apartment was decorated in the style of the time and ready to be lived in.

Are there any plans to release the Eiffel Tower Apartment 40579 as a stand-alone kit? As far as I know, Lego has no plans to do so at the moment.

Lego Harry Potter 40577 GWP Kit

If you spend a certain amount of money on Lego kits, you may be lucky enough to end up with the GWP Lego Harry Potter kit. Most of the time, you need to spend at least $175 to get the opportunity to add the kit to your collection.

What is so exciting about this kit? What we really liked about the kit is the revolving staircase. As far as brick-building kits go, this is a pretty unique concept. If you are a fan of both Lego and Harry Potter, this is a bit of a must-have.

Lego Harry Potter 40577 GWP Kit

When you already have other Harry Potter Lego sets, you can say that this kit adds nicely to your collection. As it is not generally available, it makes your collection of Lego Harry Potter kits unique.

The kit consists of all of the materials you need to finish off the Hogwartz staircase in the castle. It is worth pointing out that the kit comes complete with a minifigure as well. On occasion, when you don't want to go out and buy Lego kits just to get the Lego Harry Potter kit 40577, it is worth looking out for other Lego fans selling their kits.

If you are lucky, you can pick them up on popular auction platforms.


There are ways in which you can make your Lego 2022 Holiday Gift with purchase even more exciting. Lego does not add lights with any of these building sets. When you would like to create even more of a festive atmosphere in your home, you should add a light kit.

led lights for Lego

Lightailing supplies a range of lighting kits for Lego. A LED Lego light kit brings your display alive. Instead of just displaying yet another Lego model, thanks to Lightailing you now have the opportunity to light them.

Lightailing kits are well-made and contain everything that you need to finish the set up. Each kit comes with a 2 year warranty. If you have any problems all you have to do is to get in touch with the company. In recent years, light kits for Lego are beginning to make a real difference in the way we display Lego. They are a great way of bringing your Leo model alive.


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