Lego 10307 Eiffel Tower Detailed Review

If you are looking for an impressive Lego set, it's hard to beat the huge new Eiffel Tower set. The French landmark will certainly stand out in your Lego builds for its size alone, but should you add it to your collection?

Our Lego Eiffel Tower 2022 review takes a look at one of the largest Lego sets currently available.

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Re-creating an Icon

The Eiffel Tower Lego set 10307 is truly massive when compared to other Lego models. Measuring just under 5 ft or 1.5 m, this is a very substantial and impressive Lego creation.

The real Eiffel Tower was completed in 1889 and is 1,083 ft or 330 m tall. It is an iconic structure that represents both Paris and France, and the Lego Icon set does a great job of re-creating it in plastic blocks. While this isn't Lego's first attempt at reproducing this icon, it is certainly the largest and most intricate.

This latest version of the Lego Eiffel Tower is also more accurate, capturing the lines of the structure beautifully and making this model unmistakably authentic.

This is currently Lego's second-largest set, and it has a price tag to match. This Lego Icons set will cost $629.99, positioning it as one of the most expensive sets ever. While this is expensive, you do get a lot for your money.

Lego 10307 Eiffel Tower

Building the Tower

With 10,000 pieces, this is only ever going to be an extensive build that will be incredibly satisfying when it is completed. However, this may not be the most enjoyable Lego build you have ever constructed, with a lot of repetition required.

In order to re-create the tower as accurately as possible, there has been a lot of attention to detail from Lego. But this means that you have to pay careful attention to the placement of bricks to reproduce this engineering marvel.

The repetition involved in constructing a model like this isn't going to be fun for everyone, however. There are many thousands of pieces devoted to constructing lattice structures that combine to form the landmark, but repeatedly putting these pieces together requires a lot of dedication. The instructions will require you to complete one step 72 times, for example.

build Lego 10307 Eiffel Tower

This is definitely an unusual Lego build, though. You will be constructing the set in ways you won't be used to with other designs. Pieces have been used in surprising ways to create a very detailed Lego model. For example, it is complete with the diagonal elevators which transport tourists to the first viewing platform.

As you might imagine, constructing a building set with 10,000 pieces isn't going to be quick. While the real tower took 2 years to build, hopefully, your build will be completed in less time. You can probably expect your build to take more than 10 hours if you are dedicated to the task. With many intricate pieces that need to be repetitively placed, you can't expect this to be a fast project.

Lego 10307 Eiffel Tower

When construction is finally finished, your hard work will have paid off to create a stunning Lego model like no other. You will also find the finished model separates into different sections, allowing you to more easily move it. This is just as well, as you might find it takes up more space in your home than you expect.

The Good

This is a truly impressive model that will really draw people's attention for its size and its accuracy. The intricate way in which the pieces have been chosen and used to form the iconic Parisian structure is a delight to any Lego enthusiast.

If you have the money for this set, the result is an incredible model that can't fail to stand out in anyone's collection. Building this set will be an unforgettable Lego experience that could deliver a lot of enjoyment in the process, along with an almost unbelievable finished model.

The Bad

While the size of this model is one of the benefits, it's also one of the negatives. It does take up a lot of room, and you need to have the space for it in your home. As it is nearly 5 ft tall and 2 ft wide, putting it on a shelf may not be an option.

It is also outsized when compared to other Lego sets. This means that it will look out of place next to other Lego creations, as nothing else comes close to its scale. Though to create an accurate model, they needed to design it on this scale, something that is more obvious when you compare it to the older version.

You also have to be ready for a quite repetitive build that is going to take a long time. Thanks to the engineering of the Eiffel Tower, you will have to put together the same pieces multiple times before you have completed the model. This sort of repetition can make completing a model more challenging as you need to find more motivation to keep going to completion.

Unless you are someone who enjoys repetitive tasks, the scale of this build could become a problem. If you are looking for an enjoyable Lego build and you think you might find this one a little tedious, there are better choices.

review Lego 10307 Eiffel Tower


In our Lego review, we've been delighted by how incredible this Icons set is. It is a huge Lego set with a huge price tag, though the end result is amazing.

Building this model does require more dedication than most, and it might not be as enjoyable a project as you might like. But, when it is finished, you will have one of the most recognizable and most visited structures in the world created out of Lego.

Lego 10307 Eiffel Tower light kit

While the Eiffel tower is a massive tourist attraction during the day, visitors also flock to see it at night. The real tower is illuminated in the evening, and your Lego re-creation can be as well. Our Lego Eiffel Tower light kit beautifully illuminates the structure when you display it. The light kit doesn't fail to impress, adding more to an already spectacular creation.

When you are spending more than $600 on a Lego set, you'll want to properly make the most of the creation you've put the work into building. Adding lights to this cultural icon could be the finishing touch that you're looking for.
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