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Are you looking for LEGO ideas sets? You can always rely on LEGO to come up with the best idea sets with perfect timing. When you are not busy watching the World Cup on TV, why not take some time out to build this Lego football inspired set?

Just in time for the World Cup, we are taking a closer look at the 21337 Football Table Football brick building set. In itself, it is already an interesting concept. But, if you would like to add extra interest, consider adding an LED light kit from leading manufacturer Lightailing.

Light Kit For Table Football 21337

Behind The Scenes of the 21337 Table Football Lego Review

LEGO is a company that likes to take its lead from its fans. This year, football is on many LEGO fans minds. To celebrate the World Cup, Lego has put together 21337 Table Football. Game inspired kits are becoming more popular with the company. This is its latest offering.

This kit comes with everything you need to build it including 22 minifigures. This is a very generous amount of minifigs. If you like a build takes more time, the Table Football kit is a good kit to invest in. Altogether it has 2,339 pieces. That means there is plenty to keep you occupied when you are not watching the football.

You can say that LEGO has timed the release of this kit perfectly!

Lego Table Football minifigures

How Much Does Lego 21337 Table Football Cost?

In the US, this kit costs $249.99. If you live in the United Kingdom, you can expect to pay £214.99. The construction set is also available in the rest of the world.

When you live in Australia, you are going to be paying AU$379.99. Europeans can expect to pay €249.99.

Does 21337 Table Football offer value for money? When you consider this is a unique kit, and that is probably always going to be associated with the Qatar World Cup 2022, it is certainly worth the price tag.

The 21337 Football Lego Review: Pros and Cons


I am not sure it is value for money unless you are a LEGO fan. If you are more of a football fan than a LEGO fan, I think the price tag is a bit too steep.

It is nice to have all of the diverse minifigures, but I would like to have seen them available separately. I think that LEGO has slightly missed the point when it comes to the minifigures.

For someone who does not build LEGO sets on a regular basis, the set is a bit daunting.

Table Football Lego


There are some good upsides to this kit. What I really like about it is that it is fun to play. These kinds of kits are becoming popular and I think LEGO excels at producing them .

I also like the size of the entire project. Once you have finished assembling and perhaps become a bit bored playing the game, you can easily store it. I am not sure this is the kind of LEGO construction kit you leave on display all of the time. That is why storing it is important.

If you are into table football, you are going to love the fact the kit sounds like table football. Perhaps you know what I mean. Table football has a particular sound to it when the ball is kit. It is part of the pleasure. You experience this authentic sound with this game.

Is it challenging to put together? It is perhaps more challenging than other LEGO kits. You need to take your time over this build. You have the rods that make the game work etc. In many ways, that is what I really liked about building the set.

review Lego Table Football

I can see many parents building this game with younger members of the family. It is excellent way of challenging younger family members technical skills. There is certainly a lot of things to think about.

When you are done, you have a game that you can physically play. Something that I really like about the 21337 Table Football is that it "feels" robust. I think that is important because I can see this is a game that is going to be used a lot in football loving families.

Unpacking 21337 Lego Table Football

What about unpacking? As all other LEGO fans, I like to take my time when unpacking. Although LEGO is good at making sure sets go out complete, it is still worth checking. When I opened the box, I was delighted to find that everything was well-packed and easy to find.

When you first open the box, the builds looks a bit daunting. Once you have laid everything out, assembling the set is a challenge but fun at the same time.

The instructions to build the 21337 Table Football are clear. There are a lot of parts, but thanks to the instructions, I think that even a LEGO novice will enjoy building this kit.

Also, I like to point out that there are no stickers. Recently, I think that LEGO has gone a bit over the top with stickers. I was worried the set was going to be full of stickers, but I was pleasantly surprised.

Is It A Fun Build?

In my opinion, I think this was a fun build. I would recommend it. The kit goes together nicely. Putting the rollers together for the game to work is a little bit fiddly if you have big hands.

How long does it take to build? Needless to say, if you are not experienced, assembling Table Football takes longer. The safe bet is to set aside 20 - 30 hours to complete the build. Of course, this all depends on your experience - I can't stress this enough.

Final Thoughts

All in all, I think this is a great build and I would recommend it. I have this feeling that many non-LEGO fans are going to buy this construction set.

To add that finishing touch to the kit, you may want to add an LED light set. I think LED light kits bring LEGO construction kits alive. They add a finishing touch to any set.

Lego Table Football 21337 Light Kit

When you want to add that special personal touch, head on over to the Lightailing website and check out their LEGO Table Football light kit. The team at the company has put together a great lighting kit especially for this kit. To me, it is a must-have.

While you are on the Lightailing site, check out all of the light kits the company offers for LEGO construction sets.

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