Lego Hulkbuster 76210 Detailed Review

There is always room in a LEGO Marvel fan's collection for a new model, which is why LEGO is still bringing out interesting new sets. However, it might be difficult to find room for one of the largest LEGO Marvel sets yet. The new LEGO Hulkbuster set is imposing and looks like a great challenge, but is worth the high price tag? Our LEGO Hulkbuster review will show you the highs and lows of this model to help you decide.

The Articulation Of The LEGO Hulkbuster Has Its Pros And Cons 

This isn't a static model, which means there is an opportunity to create some dynamic poses You can imagine that Ironman is standing his ground against Hulk, or create some new scenarios in creative play where he's up against Thanos or anyone else. The movement of the arms and hands is important here. Each palm has a small arc reactor element inside, which will help Stark hold off enemy threats when held out in the right direction. You can also raise the shoulders quite far to extend the range of those poses.

The problem is that many buyers expected the set to be able to do more. If you have read our review of the new LEGO Bowser set, you will know that this set has lots of clever parts to move the limbs and face for a more expressive model. Clearly, LEGO can get more intricate with how these large-scale products work. However, here there is no movement in the lower body. You can't lift the legs to make create a sense of motion or the idea of the Hulkbuster stamping the ground.

Lego Hulkbuster 76210

There are suspicions that if this had been a LEGO Hulkbuster MOC kit with greater fan-influenced design features, it might be more of a crowd-pleaser. Fan designers may have put in more attention to detail. The LEGO Hulkbuster price might not have been so high either.

You Can Add To The Display With A Compatible Iron Man Figure

A major element of this model is the internal cockpit, which is easily accessed from the chest piece. Just pull down the front panel to reveal a set where Iron Man can sit and control this massive suit. This is true to scale for the size of the model and is spacious enough to hold the LEGO® Marvel Iron Man Figure (76206).

There is no doubt that this figure is perfect for the job, as it is articulated and can be used to fly around when the Hulkbuster suit isn't engaged in battle. The problem is that that figure is sold separately, adding to the overall cost of this display piece if you want to use it.

What you get instead is a little minifigure model of Tony Stark. The positive side to this is that you have a great way of showcasing the size of this model, and it makes sense to include its inventor to show it off. The minifigure also comes with some little tools as a nice little bonus feature.

Lego Hulkbuster 76210 figure

This Scale Is The Main Selling Point Of This LEGO Marvel Set

You might not be able to pose and play with this model as you had hoped to, but that doesn't seem to be the main intent here. Instead, this building kit is all about creating one of the largest and most impressive Marvel display pieces yet. In this case, the set is incredibly successful. Once everything is in place, this final model stands at 52cm tall, making it significantly larger than a lot of LEGO models. The replica LEGO Iron Man Helmet, which would work nicely with this model in a display, is only 19cm tall. This does mean that you will have to think ahead about where this will find a permanent home.

This large-scale model means you will have a lot of pieces to put together compared to other Marvel sets too. There are 4049, with many crafted in that authentic dark red and gold color scheme that you expect from an Iron Man set. It will take a lot of time and patience to get all of these together and in working order. Remember that LEGO class this as an 18+ set for adults. But that challenge is part of the fun. You also get more than enough instructions in the box to help you out.

Make Your LEGO Hulkbuster Set Come To Life With Our LED Light Kit

Those arc reactors are clearly a massive part of this set, and the best way to get the most out of the model is to light them up. With the right LEDs, you can give the effect of a high-energy power system running through this suit. This will make the Hulkbuster seem as though it can fully live up to its name, ready to fight any massive threat.

LEGO Hulkbuster light kit

Our LEGO Hulkbuster light kit has ice blue LEDs for the arc reactor in the middle of the chest and two for the palms of those articulated hands. This compliments the tones of the red and gold bricks nicely. From there, you also get two additional blue lights for the knees, balancing out the illumination across the body. This also helps make that underdeveloped lower section more interesting. The kit is easy to install and you can soon ensure that the set becomes the pride of your Marvel display.

The Verdict Of Our LEGO Hulkbuster Review

There are lots of good and bad points to this set. Some people are going to love it, and others are going to be very disappointed. As long as you don't go into this expecting a fully articulated model for playtime, you should be OK. This is primarily a display piece with a couple of extra features to add further appeal. The cockpit element is a nice bonus if you have the compatible model. You can enjoy building this large-scale model as a centerpiece with other Marvel models, add our LEGO Hulkbuster light kit to make those arc reactors glow,

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