Best Lego Winter Village Sets

There are lots of seasonal and festive sets in the LEGO range because it is so fun to build LEGO scenes at home and gift new models to family and friends. In this guide, we’re not talking about the more fantastical model, such as workshops or any elf-based options. Nor are we looking at the houses like LEGO Christmas Cottage, where Santa might visit all the good boys and girls.

Instead, we’re focusing on the Winter Village sets that come together to form a festive town and bigger scene.

The LEGO Winter Village LEGO collection has offered seasonal builds for over a decade now, with a new model just released. Below are the five we think are the best options for creating a larger coherent scene of combined elements.

The Top LEGO Winter Village Models For 2022

There are others worthy of a quick mention, such as the LEGO Winter Village Fire Station 10263 and LEGO Winter Village Toy Shop 10199. Both are great, but the fire station isn't as fun, and the Toy Shop clashes a little with our first recommendation.

1) LEGO Holiday Main Street 10308

We have to start with the new release for 2022. This new Main Street set is a great model that captures the spirit of the season in a fun shopping scene. You can learn more about the features and details in our Lego 10308 review. For now, we can focus on the main elements and how well this works as part of a bigger display for Christmas.

There are two storefronts for a toy store and a music store, complete with merchandise, owners, and shoppers. These minifigures can get all they need before catching the tram from the nearby stop. This buildable trolley car is spacious with a classic look and fun decorations. You also get the driver and a small child mailing a letter to Santa.


Lego Holiday Main Street 10308


2) LEGO Winter Village Post Office 10222

For our next recommendation, we need to go back to a retired set that came out in 2011. These older sets don't always have the detail of newer models, but this 822-piece option is a lot of fun. One reason to check this one out is that it goes nicely with the new Main Street model.

The letter mailed by that kid could end up picked up by the mailman from this set before going off to Santa. The post office is much prettier than what we are used to today and has a couple of red mailboxes outside. There is also an old-fashioned mail van so the postal worker can carry out his rounds with ease.

Another fun feature is the little gazebo-style structure. This could work as well on Main Street or elsewhere in your wider LEGO Christmas village scene. This is the ideal place for the musician minifigures to entertain villagers. You also get a snow shoveller and a dog for added diversity.

3) LEGO Winter Village Bakery 10216

It was tough deciding which building to recommend next, as there are lots of great designs. But, this set just won out because of the theme and extra elements. The main building is pretty on its own and will be a great accompaniment to the toy store and music store on Main Street. You can enjoy setting up the architecture, decorations, and all the baked goods in the window. It also comes with a baker and an outdoor stall for special occasions.

The added appeal to this set comes from the fun frozen pond, which could be a great centerpiece for a bigger village scene. There is also a fun horse and cart and other assorted minifigures. This 2010 set is another with fewer pieces and that has been retired. But it is worth seeking out.

4) LEGO Winter Village Station 10259

While there is that cute tram line to help people get from Main Street to other key locations, Winter Village and the surrounding suburban areas are also going to be popular with visitors from out of town. So, it makes sense to build a train station to improve your accessibility.

This station is very cute with a retro feel to the curved building and architecture. The station sits on a raised platform above a small section of track. This track also comes with a level crossing with barriers. Additional fun features include the shuttle bus, which has a luggage rack on top, and the decor elements such as signs, clock, and festive decorations. You also get plenty of minifigures as passengers and the driver of the bus.

You may also be interested in the Winter Village Train set that compliments this model. It allows for a bigger track and a nice model of a passenger train to enhance this scene further.

5) LEGO Winter Village Market 10235

Finally, we have another retired model that is worth seeking out. While it isn't as complete or complex a build as some of the other options in this list, there are 1261 pieces across several elements. What is nice about this set is it is an easy way to add decorations to a bigger scene. For example, you could set up the stalls around the frozen pond by the bakery, or have the ride in operation for kids to play with after their parents run errands at the post office.

The ride is a fun piece with a rocking horse for the minifigures and a handle to make it turn around. You can also build food stands for baked goods, grilled meat, and sweets. Even though this is an older set with fewer clever details, it adds a lot of charm. The range of additional minifigures is also a good way to populate scenes across your Winter Village scene.

Make Your Scene Glow This Holiday Season With Additional Lighting

Each of these sets is a great depiction of wintery scenes for the holidays. But, you can elevate them even further. The season wouldn't be as bright and jolly without colored lights, and we can apply that to our LEGO Christmas village scenes too. We have compatible LEGO light kit products for each of the sets mentioned here and many you may have in your collection, such as the LEGO Christmas Cottage. These can help illuminate the best features and give the sets greater visual appeal at night.

Whichever model you go for, or whatever you already have in your LEGO Winter Village collection, it is possible to create an expansive and engaging scene. Have fun with it!

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