Lego 75331 The Razor Crest Set Review

Almost any new Star Wars LEGO set is going to make it onto the wishlists of builders and collectors for the name alone. But, some sets have greater instant appeal than others. The Millennium Falcon and X-Wing models are instantly recognizable to casual fans. The Razor Crest, not so much. But, that is the star of the new release in this LEGO sub-series.

In this LEGO Razor Crest set review, we'll take a look at the value provided by this large and expensive building set. How can collectors get the most from it, and is it worth it?

The New LEGO Razor Crest Set Is One For Devoted Fans

Before we get into details about the design and features of this model, we need to highlight that this is one of the more niche building sets in the Star Wars LEGO series. There is a strong following for new LEGO Star Wars models, especially anything related to the trilogies, but spin-off TV shows are something else. In this case, we are dealing with a specific craft from The Mandalorian series. On top of that, it is a collectors edition.

The plus side to all of this is that if you want to be a completionist and build unusual sets and new designs, there isn't anything else like this. To that point, if you have a loved one that's into LEGO and Star Wars and don't know what to get them, this could be a good option. The negative side, however, is that you really do need to be sure that they appreciate this series to understand the details and character. This is a big building project that requires time and love. Also, the set isn't cheap because it is such a novelty and such a large grown-up model.

light up Lego The Razor Crest 75331

This Is A Large Ship That Isn't Easy To Build

If you are into building bigger Star Wars models and replicas from the franchise, this could be a great project to work on. There are 6186 pieces, which is a lot for a set of this nature, and that is because of the scale of the exterior, the vital details, and the interior features.

Inside, you get to craft areas that are essential to the operation of the ship. There is the all-important cockpit with seating, ready for the next flight, as well as the armory and living quarters. a fun detail here is the carbon-freezing chamber. This adds some authenticity to the ship and means that it could be played with as well as kept on display.

The Razor Crest 75331 Lego review

What Do You Get Besides The Ship?

As this is a collectors edition, you are forgiven for expecting a little more for your money than just a large model of a ship. Typically, most LEGO Star Wars building sets have some figures with them, either for creative play or for scale. In this case, there are five in various forms. There are three standard minifigures in the set that are perfect for use within the ship. You can use them to reenact scenes from the show or come up with some alternative narratives. They are The Mandalorian, The Mythrol, and Kuiil. Beyond that, you also get a model of Grogu in a pram and a buildable Blurrg figure. The Grogu model is pretty cute and finishes off the set nicely.

Once you have the ship completed, and all the figures ready for their next mission, you can set everything up on the display stand. This stand is a crucial element for this set because of its form and purpose as a collector's piece. The shape is just right to hold up the ship and show it off at its best, and there are spaces for the figures. It is also understated in its design, with a simple nameplate for The Mandalorian.

Lego The Razor Crest 75331 minifigures

The Final LEGO Razor Crest Model Could Use Some Warmth And Life

One criticism that builders might have when looking at this model on display is that it looks a little dull and grey. To be fair, grey is the color of choice for a lot of Star Wars models. Neither side took the time to think about fun interior design or paint jobs when setting up their ships for battle. Ideally, there would be something more to draw people in and offer a bit more of a conversation starter. So, one thing that you can do to get around this is to take advantage of our LEGO Razor Crest light kit.

Light Kit For The Razor Crest 75331

This light kit for the Razor Crest model isn't anything complex, and you can easily set this up with your new ship thanks to the small LEDs and power pack. There are three elements across the ship that will end some realism and make viewers keen to take a tour inside. There are some small red lights on the front to help guide the ship at night and make it more visible. This is then complimented by the cool blue on the engines. The depth from the LED helps to enhance the brickwork around the model and provides more visual impact. Finally, there is a nice warm light for the cockpit and interior. Not only does this illuminate all those interior details in all their glory, but it makes the ship seem a little more habitable.

light up The Razor Crest 75331

Is The Razor Crest Worth It?

The final verdict of this LEGO Razor Crest review is that while it is a little on the pricey side, and a little niche, the right buyer is going to love it. You do need to be a more committed Star Wars fan to get all the references and details here and to put all that time and effort into getting the model complete. But, it is undoubtedly an impressive replica of the craft. The addition of the collector's items adds value too. With these extra details and some LED lights for that added color and warmth, this should be a great addition to a LEGO Star Wars collection.

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