Lego 71411 The Mighty Bowser review

The LEGO Super Mario collection is well-loved for its combination of classic designs and interactive features. The recent stage-based sets are perfect for fans from across the generations. Now, there is a whole new building challenge in the form of the Lego 71411 The Mighty Bowser. This posable model looks great but comes with a hefty price tag. So, it is worth the cost? Our LEGO Mighty Bowser review is here to help.

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The New Bowser LEGO Mario Set Is An Impressive 3D Replica Of A Famous Foe

Let's start with the building experience with this new LEGO Bowser model. There are three main elements to this build. They are the 3D model of Bowser, the posable parts and mechanics within, and the Bowser's Castle-inspired staging. With all of these elements combined, you end up with 2807 pieces to build the 32cm high Koopa King, make sure he is in full working order, and provide enough set dressing.

All the pieces are well-organized in their usual bags, with instruction booklets to work through. This means that while it is more of a grown-up advanced LEGO set, it could still be a family project. This includes everything needed to build those muscular limbs, the big spiky shell, facial features, mane, and even the trademark studded armbands.

The design of the set is quite understated, but the right level of detail is there, with the cracks in the gray paving the flame elements, and the banners.

build Lego 71411 The Mighty Bowser

The Lego 71411 Lets LEGO Fans Build One Of The Best Possible Figures Yet

Posable figures and models aren't new in the world of LEGO, but few have the same level of articulation and expression as this new Bowser model. This all works via a series of pins and buttons working through the body to the back of the shell.

One set is responsible for the head and neck movements. This means that not only can you shift his head to look at any adversaries running around him, but you can also change his expression. This makes the figure more endearing - which is good because Bowser is one of those villains we love to hate. There was a reason he became playable in Mario Party. The other set of posable features lies within the arms and hands, letting him attack with more agility and ferocity than you might expect.

Lego 71411 The Mighty Bowser

Although Made For Videogame Fans, This Is One Of The More Grown-Up LEGO Mario Sets

We aren't going to lie here, this is a lot of complex work to get everything in the right place. You might get the full Bowser figure together and find that something isn't quite in line. But, all that patience will pay off when he is 100% complete. With the main figure finished, you can then carefully work on the towers from the castle, making sure to add the hidden surprises for other players to find.

Is This Something Mario Fans Can Enjoy Too?

 A big question when reviewing this new LEGO Bowser set was whether or not Super Mario fans and gamers would get as much out of this set as LEGO builders alone. So far, there is little to say against the set as a poseable model, but what about as a Nintendo collectible?

Well, a good starting point here is the design of Bowser. Years ago, it would have been so difficult to make a Bowser that wasn't an angular mess. Today, there are enough curved and custom elements - such as the new spikes for the shell - to make a realistic form.

The colors of the pieces are also nicely color-matched to the character. Nothing feels awkwardly off-model, unlike some of the designs in the new movie, and this is a big selling point. This one is so reminiscent of the N64 Bowser that you want to pick him up by the tail and spin him around. We wouldn't advise that though, not with all the hard work that went into creating those posable elements.

A possible drawback may be the fireball element. It is a nice idea to shoot fire from his mouth, but they're a bit pathetic and wouldn't do Mario much harm. Speaking of Mario, there is another geeky feature to this set, and that is the interactive elements, which leads us to the next talking point.

Lego The Mighty Bowser


Does The LEGO 71411 The Mighty Bowser Set Offer Value For Money?

Some of those interactive features provide better value than others. The best feature has to be the hidden POW block and interactive Action Tag chip within the structure around Bowser. This means that your compatible Mario figure can work on defeating Bowser in the castle set and gain these benefits. If you'd rather do this as Peach or Luigi that's possible too.

The downside to this, of course, is that you need these extra figures and the app to get the most from this set. That only increases the cost further and lowers the value for money. We also can't offer any details on what happens when you sync the models up with the app. It might be fun the first time but with diminishing returns.

You Can Increase The Value With A Compatible LEGO Bowser 71411 Light Kit

One final point we need to make concerning the value for money in this set is that you can add value with one of our lighting kits. While this is a small extra expense, it really can make a big difference. The lights fit inside the Bowser figure, letting him glow in the dark. This makes him more of a talking point while on display and also much more menacing when it is time for the characters to go into battle.

light up Lego 71411 The Mighty Bowser

The Final Verdict Of This LEGO Mighty Bowser Review

Overall, this set is worth the price if you are prepared to get the most out of it. On its own, the posable model is still impressive and fun to build, but the greater value comes from adding extra immersive elements like the Action Tag, extra figures, and the lights. With all of this in place, the LEGO 71411 The Mighty Bowser Set can be a great focal point in a collection.

Lego 71411 The Mighty Bowser night mode

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