Best LEGO Minifigures To Collect

In one of our last posts we talked about the arrival of the first LEGO minifigure in set number 600, when our friendly neighborhood policeman first appeared on the scene. And as awesome as he is, since then, minifigures have become a key part of every LEGO set, so there are some seriously unique ones for you guys to get your hands on.

Today then, we'll be taking a closer look at the 7 unique and best LEGO minifigures for you to collect. Trust us, after this list you're going to want them all!

7. Medusa

lego Medusa

Medusa was available in LEGO's Series 10 batch of minifigures and this might just be one of the coolest LEGO figures of all time. Why? First of all, look at how awesome the detail is. Her face is furious and the mess of snakes on top of her head? Forget about it! But it also is one of those unique minifigures that every collector should have.

Whether you're the sort of LEGO collector to display your most unique pieces, or the kind to use them to create ridiculously complex stories with your sets and fellow minifigures - Medusa is the perfect figure to add to your collection. Sure, LEGO people are cool, but LEGO mythical creatures... Now that's something to write home about!

6. C-3PO

In terms of the quality, this has to be one of the best Star Wars minifigures! Really C-3PO should probably appear higher on this list, but given that he's such a divisive figure in the Star Wars community, we couldn't really put him much higher.

But whether you love him or loathe him, there's no denying how outstanding he looks in this minifigure, complete with his new signature red arm and covered in head to toe with the tiny details that make C-3PO, well, C-3PO.

They released this figure alongside the Force Awakens back in 2015, so it's perfect to be added to any LEGO minifigure collection, whether you're a fan of the originals or the sequels (because let's face it, nobody is a fan of the prequels). You can't go wrong with this minifigure, there's no doubt about that.

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5. Knightmare Batman

lego Knightmare Batman

Our next two offerings are coming straight at you as LEGO figures from the Batman movie franchise. For us, it's no secret that DC and LEGO nailed this collaboration. Controversially, we're huge DC and Marvel fans here, but even we have to admit the details that have been put into the DC minifigures are astounding, and one of the best has to be Knightmare Batman.

They based this figure on his much darker appearance in Batman V Superman, and we think it really captures that anti-hero vibe of the movie. The details are amazing, of course, but we also love the added extras of the card from the Joker and his gun too.

This has to be one of the best LEGO minifigures simply because it's so different from the usual Batman figures, making it that much more collectible.

4. Batgirl

What's Batman without Batgirl? Batlonely, that's what! But step away from our terrible jokes for a minute to admire the wonder that is this Batgirl minifigure! She first appeared in the 'Jokers Notorious Lowrider' set, or set number 70906, and although they've retired the product from the official LEGO store now, you can still get your hands on Batgirl for a reasonable price if you look around online.

The reason she beats out Batman is the detailing of the figure itself. Besides, LEGO Batman minifigures are a dime a dozen, but Batgirl is a little rarer. She looks awesome in this rendition and her bold colors make her stand out, so she's perfect for a play piece or display piece, whatever you desire! Want to make her look even more amazing?

Read on to the end of this post to hear about how LEGO lighting could make all the difference to your display pieces!

3. Hot Dog Man

lego Hot Dog Man

OK, before you judge us too harshly, hear us out. Is this a minifigure of a man dressed in a hot dog suit? Yes, it is. And is it really worthy of a podium place on our list of the 7 best and unique LEGO minifigures? Yes. Why? Because IT'S A MINIFIGURE OF A MAN DRESSED IN A HOT DOG SUIT! That has to be reason enough, right?

You get a lot of famous superheros, characters, and even mythical creatures as LEGO minifigures, but what you don't get a lot of are the unsung heroes. A hot dog man is the quintessential American experience. Leaving him out is like leaving out America and it just shouldn't be done.

Besides, this has to be one of the coolest LEGO figures because it's just so unique. Any collector would be lucky to get their hands on him, and he makes a really interesting talking point when you show your friends around your collection. He's available from the Series 13 set of minifigures should you wish to pick him up.

2. Boba Fett

In second place is the infamous Boba Fett, one of the coolest LEGO Star Wars minifigures of all time. He's been done a thousand times, but never has he been done in a way as unique as this version. This design is exclusive to the discontinued Slave 1 set, or set number 75060, so you might struggle to get your hands on him, but with enough perseverance, you should be able to get him.

We love this version of Fett so much because of the accurate details that it has. It looks like a mini figure of him, which, we suppose, is the whole point of LEGO minifigures! His outfit, his blaster, everything is perfect with this minifigure and any Star Wars or LEGO fan would do well to pick him up if they can.

1. Alien Villainess

lego Alien Villainess

Top spot for us had to be the one minifigure that we think completes all other minifigure sets. The one minifigure that changes everything. And Alien Villainess does exactly that. She's both an exceptional display piece because of her frankly terrifying appearance (just look at that gem-like brain structure poking out of the top of her head), and an exceptional play piece too.

Just imagine the stories you can tell with Alien Villainess in your collection. She's been created specifically as an alien ruler devoted to universal conquest, so no matter where she is in terms of setting, or who she's up against in terms of characters, she's bound to be formidable. Personally, we'd love to see her up against Hot Dog Man, but hey, it's your story, tell it how you like!

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