Build An Iconic StarWars Rebel Blockade Runner: Tantive IV 75244 Set

Relive in Episode IV of the legendary Sci-fi series with the Lego Tantive IV 75244 set from the Star Wars series. With 22 handmade lights and premium accessories from Briksmax, the set with five Minifigures and over 1700 pieces will be brightened up.

The Star Wars devotees who were in their prime age during the release of Episode IV: A New Hope in 1977 will find nostalgia in the Lego Tantive IV 75244 set. Even the modern Sci-fi enthusiasts who never missed any movie or spin-off from Star Wars franchise will love to assemble 1768 pieces of this model designed for 12+ years, old users. This Rebel starship comes with all the iconic details and features, as seen in the opening scenes when it flees from the Imperial Star Destroyer –that being said, you can easily combine it with the Lego Imperial Star Destroyer 75055 or 75252 set. With the high-quality lighting kit of Briksmax made for anyone with our without knowledge in electrics, the starship battles always have light effects whether it is day or night.

Special Features Of Lego Tantive IV 75244

Get batteries for this Lego Creator set light kit  and keep the brick separators in place so that you do not have to pass the wires forcibly. Once you have finished the Lego structure, open the light kit box and bring out the plastic packets wrapped with air-bubble sheets.

There are five Minifigures of Princess Leia, Bail Organa, one Rebel Fleet Trooper, C-3PO, and Captain Antilles along with the droid R2-D2, electro binoculars, and four weapons.

The hull can be removed to reveal the detailed interior to the cockpit with space for two Minifigures, conference area featuring a table, two seats for the control console, and the weapon rack.

With the Lego night light kit, you can highlight the elongated hull, cargo hold, eleven massive engines located to the rear section, elevating and rotating top gun turrets featuring stud firing shooters, and two escape pods that can be detached to reveal the Minifigure sitting inside.

Place two spring-loaded shooters below for creative play and use the radar dish conveniently as carrying handle or for flying the ship around.

Highlighting Tantive IV 75244 With Light Kit

The light kit for Tantive IV 75244 Set  is designed for anyone above six years old and before the final installation, you are recommended to check each accessory for any quality issue and to ensure that all the items are present in the package.

The after-sales card covers a 1-year manufacturer warranty and the user guide makes way for easy installation in the future. You will get six universal instruction manuals featuring installation steps with illustrations.

Set up the 6-port, 8-port, and 12-port expansion boards and light up Lego bricks  with two 15cm and two 30cm slow flashing red LEDs, warm white toned three small strip lights, three 15cm large LEDs and eleven 30cm LEDs and one green 15cm LED.

Pass one 5cm, one 30cm, and four 15cm connecting wires carefully between Lego stubs. Make use of the Adhesive Square, Multifunctional Board, and the 30cm USB cable for the power hub once the AA battery pack is ready.

Make sure that the main power is below 5V to avoid electrical hazards and within a week from the delivery date, if you find any damaged or malfunctioning accessory, get it replaced by returning the box.   




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