Dazzling Pirate Roller Coaster 31084 Set

Create a fairground scenario with the Lego Creator Roller Coaster 10261 set made up of over 4000 pieces and eleven Minifigures. Keep the fun alive even at night with the Briksmax light kit including 21 high-quality lights and handmade accessories.

With 4124 Lego pieces, the advanced-level Roller Coaster 10261 set from the Creator series is suitable for any Lego building enthusiast aged above sixteen. This challenging chain-lift set is highly detailed realistically and comes with eleven Minifigures including two ride attendants, a cotton candy vendor, five riders, grandparents, and their granddaughter. From the pirate-themed elements including the sunken galleon and skull archway to the decorative elements like the octopus and the palm tree, the multicolored LEDs make everything highlighted. The premium light kit provided by Briksmax does not need the user to learn electrics as it is a plug-and-play set.

Special Attractions Of Lego Roller Coaster 10261 Set

Before you use the Lego lights to highlight the roller coaster along with the balloon stand and the ticket booth, make sure the entire structure is ready. Also, keep the AA batteries handy and the brick separators ready to keep the wires hidden and safe from damage.

There are two trains having three cars respectively and several authentic sections such as ticket booth, concession stand, cotton candy cart, control panel and the height marker along with the opening barriers for the sheltered boarding station.

The functioning shark-themed carriages pass through the water splashing feature with the main drop of the ride and the water firing cannon.

The Lego lights for 31084  will highlight the coaster cars driven by gravity hurtling through the twists and turns as you start its action by activating the chain lift. Before activating it, you should lower lap bars for the riders’ safety and send the trains to the respective foot for the first ascent.

You can upgrade the coaster with Lego Boost that adds thumping sound effects and motion sensor or Lego Power Functions that motorizes the chain lift.

Highlighting The Roller Coaster 10261 With Light Kit

On opening the box of light kit for Pirate Roller Coaster 31084, you will find separate plastic packets secured with air-bubble sheets. Test each accessory and if all the accessories are included and are in a proper functioning state, use the eleven random colored Lego pieces for customization with the existing model.

Two instruction manuals are included where each step is written in the universal language and proper illustration is given for easy installation. The user guide also helps in the latter installing while the after-sale card offers a manufacturer guarantee off a year.

Light up Pirate Roller Coaster 31084  with two small 30cm warm white LEDs, one 15cm and seven 30cm lights of warm white tone, one 10cm pink, one 30cm yellow, two 30cm green, three 30cm red and four 30cm blue LEDs. Connect the 30cm and 50cm connecting wires smoothly between the stubs.

Prepare the 6-port, 8-port and 12-port expansion boards along with the two Adhesive Squares. Insert batteries in the AA battery holder and connect the 30cm USB cord with the power hub.

Within seven days from getting the light kit delivered, you can ask for a replacement by returning the box in case there is any tampered item or any part not working properly. Prevent electrical hazards by keeping the main power below 5V.   




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