Enjoy Active Adventures With The Modular Winter Vacation 31080 Set

The Lego Creator Modular Winter Vacation 31080 set with two Minifigures and over 350 Lego pieces can be a perfect gift for your kids. The Briksmax lighting kit designed for 6+ years old enthusiasts will make sure the structure is always highlighted.

Kids are always up for surprises and the Lego Creator Modular Winter Vacation 31080 model in a three-in-one extravaganza can make any kid aged between seven and twelve excited. With 374 Lego pieces to assemble, the structure has a Creator Modular System that helps you to mix and match in creating different combinations for the Ski Cabin or the Yeti Surprise or the Bobsleigh Track. In the unique brown, blue, and white color scheme, the set urges for attention from everyone and hence, you have the handmade and premium light kit from Briksmax. It does not matter whether you have prior electrical knowledge or not, the light kit is as easy to plug in and play as a piece of cake.

Special Attractions Of Modular Winter Vacation 31080 Set

The light kit for Modular Winter Vacation 31080  is to be installed only after you have finished assembling any of the three models. Otherwise, there is the risk of choking hazards on small parts or losing and damaging the delicate accessories.

There are two Minifigures of a man and a woman, dressed according to the winter adventure in the snowy landscape. There are skis and helmets for the Minifigures to jump along the slope or race downward. Minifigures can arrive at Ski Cabin for ski equipment or to enjoy hot cocoa and relax afterward on the rooftop terrace by the warmth of the open fire.

The Ski Cabin stands 5” tall with 7” depth and 21” width. Light up Lego set  to highlight the cozy cabin with a ski slope on the rooftop, balcony, slalom flags, cash register, serving hatch for customers to get cocoa mugs and ski equipment, outdoor picnic bench and the shop featuring detailed interior.   

The Bobsleigh Track stands 4” tall with 7” depth and 8” width –it comes with bobsleigh and camera. Yeti Surprise stands 3” tall with 5” depth and 7” width –it as a Yeti roaming around the toilet cabin.

Lighting Up Modular Winter Vacation 31080 Set

The best Lego light kits  come without batteries and while getting AA batteries, you should also make sure the brick separators hide the wires and let those pass smoothly. Test the accessories for any broken or defective part before using them.

Keep the After-sales warranty card safely as it ensures manufacturer guarantee of a year from the delivery date. Follow each step and illustration written in the universal instruction book. The user guide will be helpful for the latter installation.

Light up Modular Winter Vacation 31080  with one small strip light and one 15cm large LED of warm white glow and two 15cm yellow LEDs. Pass the 15cm connecting cable between the stubs without force.

Set up the CR2032 Oval battery box, the USB hub with a 30cm power cord, the Adhesive Square, and the 6-port expansion board.

Combine and mix up different buildable and easy-to-connect modules for creating the double ski slope, swapping the door, window, or other modular parts easily for customization. In case of quality issue, within seven days you can return the box and a replacement will be sanctioned.

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