The scent of pizza is in the air in Heartlake City Restaurant 41379 Set

The Lego Friends Heartlake City Restaurant with over 600 pieces and three mini-dolls will let kids explore the realistic features in a bustling restaurant. With the high-quality lighting kit of Briksmax, role-playing in social scenarios becomes more enjoyable.

A part of the enchanting world of the Lego Friends series where everyday heroes perform in amazing scenarios in real life, the Heartlake City Restaurant 41379 set is age-appropriate for 6+ years old enthusiasts. Kids or those young-at-heart ones, who watched the animated television and web series named Friends of Heartlake City, can relate with the characters of Emma and Ethan. The Lego set comes with the three mini-dolls of both of them along with the chef figure and two Lego cats for the two-storied restaurant, the salad cart, and a Lego scooter. To keep the model glowing even in dark, Briksmax brings you the handmade lighting accessories that are easy to set up even for a layman in electrics.

Special Attractions Of Heartlake City Restaurant 41379

Just like the Lego model, the Heartlake City Restaurant 41379 light kit  is suitable for anyone above six and it should be installed only when the Lego set is complete. The restaurant stands six inches tall, four inches deep and nine inches wide.

The realistic restaurant comes with a reception desk, kitchen, al-fresco dining at the balcony, stone-styled pizza oven, outdoor seating area, WC, and dumpster. The accessories include two fish, two helmets, two spray cans, three plates, three knives, three forks, a pen, notepad, menu, toilet roll, flowers, graffiti stickers, pasta, and pizza decorated tiles, kitchen utensils, and fire extinguisher.

Light kit for Lego 41379  will enhance the creative role-playing experience as a chef who prepares food in the kitchen with pizza pan, frying pan, baking pan, gravy boat, whisk, and spatula.

With Lego food elements like three cupcakes, two baguettes, oil bottles and salad elements, the salad bar can be moved inside the restaurant for more space and play access.

With Lego LED lights, you can highlight the graffiti placed by the mini dolls or showcase the graffiti artist in you. Outdoor play opportunity lies in letting the cat named Chico explore the dumpster with another feline from the restaurant in search of scraps.

Lighting Up Heartlake City Restaurant 41379 With Lighting Kit

The brick separators not only keep the wires hidden from the exterior look but also prevent forcible insertion resulting in damage to the wires. You should get batteries in advance as the light kit for Heartlake City Restaurant 41379  only consists of the AA battery pack.

Two instruction manuals written in the universal language are there with detailed installation steps and illustrations. For ease of later installation, you will get the user guide book and an After-sale card for a 1-year manufacturer warranty.

Light up 41379 with one large 15cm strip light, one 30cm and two 15cm warm white LEDs, one 10cm white, one 15cm yellow, and two 15cm green LEDs. The connecting cable measuring 30cm should be passed smoothly between stubs.

Prepare the 6-port and 8-port expansion boards along with the Adhesive Square, battery pack, and the USB hub with a power cable measuring 30cm.

With air-bubble wrapping around the plastic packets inside the hard box, light accessories are unlikely to get damaged. Still, you will get a replacement for any item with any quality issue if returned within a week.

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